Businesses need partners to carry out their daily activities. If your business involves shipping product then you need a trucking partner, one that you can rely on with your logistic needs and move your business forward. If you don't own a business and just need a trucking company to ship your personal belongings, then you will still have to use the service of a trucking company. In many cases, whether personal or business, you want the most reliable trucking partner that offers the best rate. Zhipping can give you that.

Zhipping is your reliable online partner with your freight shipping needs. At Zhipping, we connect shippers with truckers in an instant. It is easy and simple. You simply provide information about your loads and trucks deliver Zhipping aims to effectively connect truckers and shippers and help the latter move their businesses forward. Zhipping carefully selects as partners, trucking companies that are reputable, complete with papers, updated license, and insurance. They need to have years of experience in moving and transporting shipments and must have satisfactory to excellent customers review before being approved as Zhipping’s partners. These trucking companies must also offer the most reasonable rate available in the trucking business. They will don’t charge their customers unreasonably. Partners have every type of truck for every type of load. If you have valuable items and need an enclosed trailer, our trucking partners can give you that. If you have frozen goods to ship or have products that are temperature sensitive, you can use a refrigerated vehicle-an enclosed vehicle with built-in cooling and temperature control system. You are guaranteed that your shipment will be protected and taken care of.

This means that Shippers who use Zhipping to connect trucking companies are guaranteed that they will be dealing with the bests in the industry. This is the goal of Zhipping. It aims not only to connect shippers with truckers but to connect them with the best in the industry.

At Zhipping you can build your carrier network. You can:

  • Streamline your transporter procurement
  • Improve your planning methods in truckload capacity
  • Identify the most qualified truckers
  • Analyze the historical demand, the rates and the capacity.

At Zhipping, when you will be able acquire the trucking services at the best possible cost and the closest match of the needs of your company. When we say the closest match, it means the best possible quality and safe trucking service for the money you have spent. Because you have access to all information and Zhipping will assist throughout the procurement process you will be able to streamline your transporter procurement with all the elements of your business allowing you to achieve the efficiency of logistics. Zhipping allow you to connect with the best truckers in the industry, giving you access to customer reviews, thus you can identify the most qualified truckers that fit your business. Zhipping will provide you access to historical demand, rates, and capacity, so you will have an idea about seasonal increase in rates, seasonal difficulties in loading and seasonal increase capacity among trucks. This way you can schedule when to get a particular type of shipment. For example, you can procure Full Truck Load FTL during peak seasons, and pay in advance so that you won't be left without a truck during peak season. This is the advantage of doing business with Zhipping. You will be able to access not only trucking company information but also historical data such as rates, capacity and demand.  Connecting Shippers and Truckers to achieve excellent freight services is the main objective of Zhipping.

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