No heart is so carved in stone it is forever inflex-ible, so lost in darkness it is incapable of seeing light, or so damaged it will never again flourish, but a heart cannot change or improve independent of the mind. One must be consciously open to new and different perspectives, ideas and approaches, and be willing to accept them as worthwhile.
You must also believe and accept that personal change is a genuine and viable possibility, and have faith in your abilities to make positive changes hap-pen! Open your heart, freely embrace and utilize new perspectives and supportive ways of thinking and act-ing, all while taking daily steps toward a new life beyond the status quo!
When need be, try thinking more with your mind than your heart so that you may better see and un-lock any gates of emotion that could be inadver-tently holding you back. From there, daily focus your heart on whatever visions or desired end results you want and need in your life. Doing this will help you stay motivated enough to continue performing all the necessary actions needed to put your beauti-ful new life into motion! You GO!

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Don Neviaser is a Certified Life Coach and author of four books of motivational/inspirational quotes and perspectives. As a Life Coach he specializes in helping people move beyond restrictive mindsets or debilitating self-perceptions, to a place of inner unity and appreciation for who they are and what they are capable of. He has helped hundreds of people live far more in line with their true-self!
“My standard for success is very straight forward; helping others to genuinely enjoy the gift of life by tuning into their inner most self and accomplishing that which is a true, natural representation of the unique person they are!
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