The profession of chartered accountancy has a success rate of 5.84% as of 2020 the reports indicate that there have been minor changes in the results every year of around 2% or even just 1%. Which makes it one of the most difficult qualification in the world for business students. Practicing is a great way to upgrade your skills in solving questions and understanding concepts thoroughly so if that any kind of frustration at exam day would not affect your memory. Doing mock tests can seamlessly improves your preparation for the exam because of your practicing more and more you will cover almost every subject easily. At GM, our CAs make sure that students every year learn the top prioritize subjects to cover as much syllabus as they can Practicing as much as you can and doing more tests to improve the concepts that you have learned because the syllables of CA final is too vast to complete and remembering it is even harder.
Now, those people preparing for sea exams already know the 3 stages to become a professional CA so let's move forward about preparing yourself. Practice space Practice plays an essential part in qualifying ca, It also helps in understanding the concepts more accurately. Mock tests helps and examines about how well he or she is prepared for the exam. Mock test can actually help a student realize a difficulty about the actual test and what topics are most important to learn. Through test series a student can simulate the environment about the exam day and prepare him/herself for the example. The CA Mock test series are available for all 3 stages of CA exam whether it’s foundation, intermediate or final course.
Things to do before exam:

1. Before starting to prepare yourself for the CA syllabus you should take mock test and learn what kind of strategy you need to prepare and what topics and subjects you need to pay attention to more.
2. After you think you have completed your CS levels you should take a mock test before the examination, Just to help you to know which topics you need to improve or an incomplete topic and your overall rank

Why CA mock test series:
 The test series is being generated with the latest pattern that ICAI has prepared for their mock tests.
 You will get a whole strategy already prepared for you that will aim at covering every important topic and concept.
 You will get A247 doubt clearing and feedback about your test and which is done with video session.
Our expert’s truly know about the subjects that are important to study because of their experience in the field for far long now. Students wonder which study material to choose and who to reach out for help if stuck in a problem or theoretical question.

Our CAs have prepared a strategy or plan which the students can follow to complete the important subjects on time and time allocation too, because time management is the main issue for most students who are attempting the exam for more than 2 times now. Live video sessions are available too if you want to study that way. We have chosen the best study material for students who wonder which book to refer or which classes to join to understand each subject and on top of that the timing to prepare for exam is also minimized because of the practical on ground training for about 2.5 or 3 years. It’s hard to manage time of study and work but it is worth the efforts it will pay off one day after you successfully qualify as a CA.

By creating the mock tests based on the latest pattern from ICAI the students are satisfied from their results and the difficulty level because its like attempting the actual exam. We also provide a strategy plan for student in which he/she follows all the instructions received and complete the test and given task on time every day, through this strategy
Why CA final test series:

• Test series based on latest pattern
• 24*7 doubt solving
• Questions are always prepared by subject wise experts
• Complimentary study material and MCQs
• Live video sessions
• All India ranking and toppers mark sheets
How it works:

1. Register at GM test series through APP or Website.
2. Select your preferred test series and purchase.
3. Complete your test on notebook.
4. Click photos or scan the test pages and submit it.
5. Your test will be checked in less than 2 days and will be available for you.
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You will get A247 doubt clearing and feedback about your test and which is done with video session.

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