A common myth is that to start a business you need to invest heavily and commit a great deal of capital into the venture.
Many people believe that “if they only had enough money” they would establish their own business. Some people save money from their jobs for a long time before they start to build a business.
However, imagination sometimes is more important than money in beginning a business.
Here are some ideas and tips on how we can start a business with little investment or resources:
Launch a Home-Based Business
You can easily transform a spare room of your house into an office for your business. This may not always be possible because of different authorities who may not allow you to do this, however
if you can you will need to have good promotion and advertising so that potential customers can find you.
Start a Business On The Internet
This is perhaps one of the most cost effective ways to begin a business as your overheads are substantially lower. You can earn money from being an affiliate, advertising, creating an online store.
You can start a very successful Ebay business, start a weblog, sell other peoples products etc. There are hundreds of ways to start a business on the internet. Just do a Google search to see what I mean.
Rent Rather Than Buy
Another way to save money in your business is to rent everything that you need for the day-to day running of your business .So you could rent a computer, office furniture In fact, anything you need. And the great thing about renting is that you will always be able to update to the latest computer or whatever you need at a minimal cost.
Rent a Market Stall or Booth
If the idea of your business is to have a room or a shop, but do not have enough initial capital, why not start by renting a small market stall or booth at a local market or art gallery etc.
Depending on where you live, you can find stalls of all prices.
You could even choose to share the costs with another business that sells products similar to yours, and rent together on the same stall.
Sell Items On Consignment
If you find it hard to sell your products to other businesses or stores to which they are offered to the public, you can choose to let your products sell on consignment, that is, give your products to someone else who sells them on your behalf (for a fee).
Commissioned Salespersons
Another way to start selling your products without spending a lot, is hiring and paying salespeople on commission, i.e., paying a percentage according to the amount of product that sells to the final consumer, or placed in other businesses or companies.
And later when sales increase and no longer as profitable as you pay commission, hire and pay a fixed salary.
Buy at Low Prices
You should not hurry and buy the first furniture, equipment or machinery that you find, you should always take your time researching the market well and look for good prices.
There will always be a place where you can find the appliance or equipment you need to start your business at a low cost compared to other places.
Partner With an Established Business
Another way to start a business with low capital is partnering with the owner of an established business.
For example, if you have a friend or acquaintance you know that is not doing well in their business, which has many difficulties and will need more capital to invest, you could offer to come into their business, to be their partner, investing a certain amount and earn a percentage of profits according to the investment and to work or perform functions.
And finally, if the money that we saved is not sufficient, we always have the possibility of seeking a loan..
We can borrow money from family, friends, banks, financial institutions engaged in small business. We seek a partner to invest and work with us or an investor or financier just contributes money.
For this, the fundamental step is to develop a good business plan that allows us to demonstrate the attractiveness of our project and, in turn, show that we will be able to promptly pay the debt.

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