Starting a food truck business can be fun, rewarding, and adventurous.

With the fast-paced life we live in today, you first need to build awareness of your brand.

That is where sampling truck marketing can and would benefit your food truck business.

With the use of glass box truck marketing you can draw the attention of consumers directly to you, gaining impactful brand awareness by creating a display that draws attention.

Read on to see how a glass box or sampling truck can help you with your brand activation, how it works to drive brand awareness, and how you can get the help you need to get started as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Sampling truck marketing

When you are just starting your business, you have one guarantee, practically no one has heard of you or knows what you are selling.

That is where the sampling truck comes into play as a major tool in your brand activation.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “How am I going to make money if I give away stuff?”

Giving away samples or promotional gear allows you to get your brand in the minds and mouths of everyone who takes a sample — effectively putting your brand at the forefront of their minds.

This is just one of the many tools that can be a driving force to making your potential consumers aware of who you are and what you do.


Glass box truck marketing

To further get your brand in the mind of consumers, it is a good idea to strategically place a glass box truck in different locations.

A glass box truck draws the attention of the consumer by creating a display of your products and allows them to even watch you make your goods in real-time.

Think about it, if you were able to watch your favorite product being made, wouldn’t you be interested in watching?

Most people have a child-like curiosity that makes them want to know more and become interested in how everything works — even if they are preoccupied with their busy life.

What’s more, watching you work allows them to know they can trust you because you have nothing to hide.

Once they see for themselves what you are all about and how your brand works, they will talk to their friends about not only how great your product is, but how amazing it was to watch you in action.

This form of experiential marketing works its magic by inciting the child-like curiosity in us all.

Seeking help with your brand activation

Whether you decide to start your brand activation with sampling truck marketing then go to glass box truck marketing, or just use one or the other, you will likely need the help of someone who can drive the engagement of consumers.

Shop around to find a company that has experience in experiential marketing and brand activation to help you understand where to place yourself and your brand to best draw attention.

Look at the testimonials from previous clients to see how the company helped them forge life-long loyalty between their brand and consumers.

Ask the company what they include in their brand activation services.

Do they include the truck, licensing, marketing space advice (including where to best start your mobile pop-up shop), or any other perks?

Once you find the right fit, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Your business will be booming soon with loyal customers and tons of attention!

Author's Bio: 

From NYC to LA, Sweeter produces marketing activations on the streets using food trucks and other vehicles to amplify messaging and get brands noticed