Starting a home based business is something many think about doing and in today's crazy global economy,it seems everyone needs either extra income, or an alternative to the traditional "9-5" J-O-B.

Having been down that road, I would like to share some tips that you should know that may help you decide what business is best for you,and how to find the right mentor, sponsor, teacher.

In my primary business, I personally recruited over 1900 people in 3 years and I can tell you much about what they needed to get started and also what limited their chances at success.

Key steps to avoid the pitfalls of starting a home based business:

1. You must commit yourself to learning the business you joined. There are a lot of hyped offers that make us often think the grass is greener in some other program, but when you think long term, easily a solid year of learning and building, your business will flourish.

2. Mentor- try to find someone that you trust and feel they have the skills to teach you. I am always looking for those that know more than me and who will share their knowledge, so I can raise my business up a notch. You should investigate a business offer by emailing or calling the owner to hear how they will get you started making sales and how long it may take.

3. Price point- my experience in today's online biz op arena is most people have little money to invest in a home business. Maybe $50 is the typical amount most can afford. Now to add in advertising, this soon can be a drain on your finances. Also, most things that are more than about $50 tend to need phone call followup to make the sale. Things under $20 will still sell direct from the website. So take that into consideration. If you are not the salesy type, or cannot make phone followup calls, then join a LOW price point program. HINT: the lower the price point, the less people it takes to see a sale usually. So your advertising is less to see your first sale and you will much sooner be pleased to see your business work!

4. Don't Quit- If you join a program online, and think to quit in less than a month, then this business model may not be for you. All businesses take some time to get off the ground and online is no different. You should think in terms of minimum 3 months to see profits become solid and growing.

5. Technical skills- many people feel they are technically challenged and do not have the computer skills to run a home business. Usually this is not the case and you should ask about that before you join. If you can send and read emails, copy and past, log into websites and recall your passwords you should be fine as far as having the right skills. Yes you may need to learn some terminology, like capture pages, autoresponder, and other terms but this again can come in time as you learn.

One of the best tips or mindsets to have is to trust your teacher and program, and keep working and learning and never look back until you reach the success you truly deserve.

These are just a few tips to starting a home based business and we wish you the best in life and hope you reach all of your goals.

Author's Bio: 

Stan Tomaszewski has marketed online for 6 years and has been a top leader in his primary business for over 3 years. To learn more about Starting A Home Based Business and Stan's lifetime support, click the link.