Before opening a local restaurant, there are many things to think about and decisions to make. You need to do your research to know the best, quality equipment to choose. You want it to be long-lasting, so you can recoup your investment and start making a profit as soon as possible.

Operational Equipment

You need to choose equipment most suitable to help you with billing, inventory, customer relations, etc. Some of those specific types of equipment include:

• Restaurant management systems, which will help with all your restaurant operations. It must be reliable and energy efficient.
• Credit card machines
• Cash registers

Kitchen Equipment

This equipment is of utmost importance because so many items are needed.

• Refrigerators and freezers:
Size and types will be determined according to how big or small your restaurant is. For a larger restaurant, it would be profitable to have a liquid nitrogen freezer because it uses the liquid nitrogen to flash freeze food items. This helps maintain the nutritional value and quality of the food for future use.
• Mixers:
The kind of restaurant will determine whether you need a spiral mixer, a planetary mixer or both.
• Ovens and Ranges:
There are many models and designs to choose from. Most restaurants need a standard and a convection oven, or a combination of both.
• Small Appliances:
There is an abundance of these needed, such as can openers, coffee makers, toasters and/or toaster ovens.
• Sinks:
A commercial sink is needed for washing food and dishes. Usually there is more than one sink, which is used for hand-washing.
• Slicers:
Both manual and electric ones are available.
• Cutting Surfaces/Counters:
Stainless steel counters are best because they are very strong and can withstand the various jobs they are used for and the vigorous cleaning involved.

Dining Area Equipment

Tables, chairs, dishes, silverware, salt and pepper shakers, as well as other items for the tables and for the customers' use, are needed. The décor will be chosen according to the type of restaurant you have. You will also want everything to be comfortable, easy to clean and easy to replace.

Safety Equipment

Make sure the proper safety equipment is in place and the fire code standards are the current ones. You can double check the codes by contacting your local fire department.

After researching the types of equipment needed, you can have peace of mind and set your plans into motion to open your restaurant.

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