For anyone starting a dental or medical practice, attracting new customers is something that will always be important. Consistency in attraction of clients and regular customer generation is as important, as the actual medical or dental work being done. New clients are the key to a lifetime of success in the health care industries, so it cannot ever be ignored.

Here are 4 keys for attracting new customers to your medical or dental practice. Use them in good health and may your business continue to grow throughout the years.

Prospective Patients Need to Be Your Primary Focus

Dental and medical marketing always begins with patients, especially what the hot button issues are in terms of health care needs. Patients really care about finding a provider that understands their confusions, past problems, little frustrations, and all the annoyances associated with dentists and doctors. If you focus on recognizing these in prospective patients, you will have won the battle of convincing them to set an appointment with your practice. All marketing copy should be written with a personal tone using “you”, “your”, “our” and “we”, as many times as possible, but at least twice through any advertising.

Market Using Risk Free Offers and Patient Discounts

The easiest thing to do in advertising copy is nothing. Offering a free report, a free health care guide, or better yet, a free consultation visit is the key to getting new customers in the door. Offering a free physical exam or a free teeth cleaning is very likely to attract new clients. Also make sure that you have a toll free 1-800 number for prospective patients to call for information. Finally, all printed circulars or advertising needs to offer a discount coupon or online websites can have printable discount offerings. Using risk free offers and patient discounts is the most effective method of drawing in new clients and turning them into lifetime customers.

Having a Web Presence Means Online Patient Reviews

Web presence is what makes your websites or advertising attract interest. It is the key to search engine optimization working well, but also is what incurs online growth and attraction of visitors. If your web traffic is low, then your attraction of new clients will follow in suit. A great way to expand your positive web presence is if customers leave online reviews, so encourage your patients to do this with memos, email, and printed reminders on receipts or billing items.

Remember That Women Are Your Largest Target Audience

In today’s market, women make almost all their household dental decisions. They are probably the ones who seek out, schedule, and provide transportation for patients who set a medical or dental appointment. They are in charge of the family finances and will most likely always be the one making any final calls when it comes to family health care choices. Because of this, you may want to follow the example of dental offices, like Matthews Smiles Aesthetic & Reconstruction Dentistry, and offer coupons or specialty discounts. This is a key point to always remember when it comes to your marketing strategies. Women make up more than 90 percent of your target audience.

Making a successful medical or dental practice is possible, if you target your clients with the right marketing stream. Today is a world filled with online opportunities, making this all the easier. Remember that customer loyalty is based on a clear and interactive response to their needs as customers. This will build lasting relationship incentives that turn regular customers into clients for a lifetime.

Author's Bio: 

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.