Your company has placed a bid and won so it is time to start your project.  Before the residential construction in LBI company can start work there are several things that much be done.  The first thing that needs to be done is planning, which consists of three steps.  They are:

  • Making the business plan
  • Analyzing the finances of the company
  • Picking out the works of the construction company in LBI that you want to work on the project.

Once the land has been chosen where the project is going to be built, it will be up to the architects and engineers to develop the building plans and site.  This plan will be developed based on the owner of the project's budget and requirements.  After the building plan is finished, this is when the total cost and finance are estimated.  The material estimates include three costs, which are labor, material, and construction.

The next step is for the owner or the contractor to make sure that they have all of the necessary permits that are needed to start the project.  You also need to make sure that you have insurance to cover the workers and any incidents on the job site like accidents, theft, etc.  You need these permits, or the project cannot be done.

Once you have the insurance and permits, your residential construction in LBI company can start the construction process.  The first step is to prepare the site, which can include any necessary excavations, filling in and/or leveling out of the ground.  Excavation will need to be done for the sanitation, utilities, power, and water lines.  Once all of this is done, then there will need to be an inspection from a government official to make sure that all work is done correctly.  Throughout different stages of the build, there will be inspections.

You will need to pour the foundation, which is generally concrete.  If there is going to be a basement it will have to be dug out before you can put down the foundation.  After this, the actual construction of the building can begin with the construction of the frame of the house.  Once this is done your construction company in LBI can start working on the inside of the house in the installation, drywall, flooring, and more.  For the utilities, including water, electricity, and sanitation, many construction companies will hire contractors that are experts in these fields to do these jobs.

After the home has been built, it is time to paint the inside and out and put any final touches on the house.  The final inspection will be done by the contractor of the construction company and government official before they can allow the family to move in.  At this time the contractor who built the home will give the new owners a warranty period to have any defects fixed or replaced by the contractor.


As you can see, it takes time from the bidding and winning of the project to the finished project.  It can take several months but these are the steps from start to finish.


Author's Bio: 

This Article Penned by Lora Davis.