Starting over was something I started thinking about due to the September 2016 Solar and Lunar eclipses. The subject is directly related as eclipses signify a time that is perfect for self-reflection and starting afresh.

There was a point in time not too long ago where a lot of changes were happening in my life all at the same time. My first business venture had gone to dust, one of my blogs was taking on an entirely new direction, a long-term relationship had reached the end of its days, and I was dealing with a geographical change in location (!).

The most important thing throughout all those changes was my mindset. I was aware that I had a choice, every day, to decide whether I was going to deal with the difficulties constructively, or allow them to get the better of me.

As a result of that time in my life, I'm focusing on three tips in this article that helped me gain direction and a sense of security amid change. I hope you find them helpful too.

TIP 1: Overcoming Fear of Change

Human beings can be creatures of habit--change can be a scary thing because of the unpredictability of outcomes.

Change is easier to manage if we stop panicking, break goals down into smaller steps, and take the opportunity to learn from previous mistakes.

Adversity challenges us to use our skills and resources wisely. As long as we do our best each day, some progress can be achieved as we make our way to move forward in life, whether it's to do with love, money or career.

TIP 2: Getting In Touch with Yourself

Change is a good time to take a step back. This can be achieved by creating some quiet time or a quiet space where we can recharge ourselves mentally and spiritually.

With all the responsibilities and commitments required of us on a daily basis, taking the time to think about our deepest needs and desires paves the way to living a more conscious existence.

When you know what you want and what you are all about, change is a less scary experience. You know where you stand and what you are capable of doing, and you are aware of your limitations. This helps you to be adaptable so that you are able to move along with change.

After all, change is inevitable (noticeably so in areas such as social media, where the next trend is always round the corner).

TIP 3: A Time to Re-Focus and Re-Organize

Use this time in your life to declutter your mind along with your physical living space. Symbolically, this represents clearing out what is old and outdated in your life, which makes way for something new.

Our thoughts, actions and behaviors are inextricably linked. It makes a difference if we buckle under the pressure of change, or choose to mindfully embrace what life has in store for us. Now is a good time to reflect on what was or was not working in your life. Being thankful for what you have frees your spirit up from feelings of scarcity and frustration.

Starting over is a potent time in your life which can spur major personal growth.

So let go of past hurts and wrongdoings, be honest with yourself, and stay focused on building the right foundation for a better future.

Author's Bio: 

Jess Chua is an astrologer and career coach. She provides individual readings as well as career guidance services.

As a Virgo Sun with a Pisces Moon, she is a "practical idealist" who strives to help others with her analytical and intuitive abilities.

She has studied astrology for more than a decade, and believes life has so much more to offer than boredom or misery from a job that doesn't match your personality and values.

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