Social Media is on the rise.

Most people are not aware of how they can integrate social media as a "Free Business Tool".

There are many ways of using Social Media and how to use them properly.

Here are some great tips for using FaceBook as a business tool.

Enjoy and "pay it forward" to others who could use these tips!

Many people are hooked up on Facebook to connect with Friends and Family. Then they seem to realize that they can use FB as a business tool, and they either crazily try to promote something they are currently into or find something to promote.

FB does have some etiquette that people generally follow. One of my favorite resources I have used is by Mari Smith a FB superstar and I believe one of the first people on FB to actually make a million dollars. You can click her Free FaceBook Tips and enjoy that right now.

The biggest tip to remember with FB is to "relationship build" vs "throwing product" into peoples faces.

Let's put it this way, you are at a "networking meeting" or say even an event at your local 'chamber of commerce'. Do you just go around and hand out 350 business cards? Or do you want to actually meet 5-10 people who can help you expand your business? (who each knows 350 plus people???)

By the way, people can smell a salesperson at a distance, so going with the intention of just throwing around your business card might not always be the wisest choice. Now, I'm not saying that you don't want to meet 350 people, far from it, but even when your intention is to hand out your card you don't usually just walk up to someone and say "Hey, nice to meet you! Here is my business card, I would love if you would join my business in the next 20 minutes!"

So why on earth would you post that same caption to someone you have just 'met' on FB?

My friend Leigh LeCreux of Intended Creations and I have discussed this many times. People don't get it that "Social Media" actually means being, uh social!!!

When I decided to market my business to FB I had the 'intention' to meet 3-5 great ladies that I:

* Shared a common interest with
* Genuinely like and admired
* Could have a great conversation with
* Were like-minded & shared a love of 'the secret' and LOA

These were the things I was looking for in others. Within ten days of actually doing this I met 4 ladies who shared this criteria (and one fella) and it has brought my business to greater heights then I could ever have imagined.

One became my BF, Leigh, who I mentioned above and we are each other's personal cheerleaders.

Another became my biz partner and great friend, Charlotte Salafia (by the way check out her other coolio business here).

The two others I have met I've co-hosted with on a weekly Blog talk radio programs. Ladies! Let's Talk and Mom's Coffee Break.

And the 'fella' is owner of, David Riklan, who has personally named me on several 'Social Media' calls that he has hosted! ( is one of the largest selfgrowth sites in the world btw with over 900 million subscribers!!!)

So if you are 'unclear' of exactly how to start monetizing your business with FB, or perhaps you are unsure of FB etiquette, I highly recommend you check out Mari Smith's Free Facebook Tips. Mari also has some paid programs available which she will let you know about after you have received her Free FaceBook Tips!

I hope you have gotten a bit of a better idea of what FaceBook is all about and Feel Free to join Charlotte and Jody's FB group Here!

This week we will be featuring alot more tips and ideas on "Social Media" that I can't wait to share with you!

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