Happiness is not a goal that you reach.

It’s a state of mind that

you can choose to live in every day regardless as to what’s going on around you.

Enjoy the journey of life and choose to live in a state of happiness.

Action for today:

Choose to experience happiness throughout your day.

Smile often and repeat the following mantra several times today: Happiness is within me.
See, happy is the man to whom God speaks strong words. So do not hate the strong teaching of the All-powerful.

Job 5:17 (NLV)

Day 115 of my book titled: Turn My Life Around” Discovering Your Purpose found at http://www.lulu.com, http://www.amazon.com or http://www.barnesandnoble.com

Author's Bio: 

Latorria Pier is an author, a student at Christian Leaders Institute and founder of Special's Quality Care Centers. Her organization is a Christian based non- profit organization that works diligently through many volunteer efforts to empower women and families to initiate personal and social change. She is the author of “Turn My Life Around” Discovering Your Purpose; a 365 day devotional book that helps women discover their divine purpose. She is passionate about empowering and inspiring women to seek their divine purpose within their greatest pain. She is a frequent blogger with word press as her main selection. She also writes articles for thesetmagazine.com. Latorria believes that through her pain and sorrow, God has prepared her to share His word with others in a way that was made just for her. She allows her testimony to serve as an example of how God can turn a negative experience into something positive.