State universities in the US ensure the best quality in education at unbelievable low rates for students belonging to the respective states. Every state in the US has at least one university and in there are states with as many as thirty universities. State universities normally levy a higher tuition fee from students coming from other states as they fall outside the state taxes net and do not contribute to the subsidies of the university.

The oldest State University in the US is The College of William & Mary, set up way back in 1693. State universities offer the convenience of low tuition fees for students coming from the same state. Many state universities offer a range of graduate programs including law and medicine.

Students opt for these top ranked universities to get the benefits of quality education in military and civilian public service. The highly selective public universities are known as Public Ivies and universities of Michigan and University of California belong to this coveted league of Ivy League University.

The big apple of New York is not only a fashion hub and the choice of the rich and the famous but also home to some of the finest universities in the state. The top universities in New York include Columbia University, which is strategically located above Central Park in Manhattan, the city that never sleeps! Taking credit to some of the top of the cream students and creative minds in its rolls, Columbia University has been the prestigious alma mater of many celebrities. By offering impeccable education that is well complemented by the best cultural exposure and internship programmes, Columbia molds thoroughbred professional well tailored for the challenging corporate scene of today!

New York University Cornell University and University of Rochester are some of the other leading universities in New York. By adopting the state of the art teaching techniques coupled with the holistic development of the personality, these universities have carved a niche of their own in the education sector apart from building up an elite group of professionals, well cut for the challenging work culture.

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State universities ensure the best conditions for the overall development and professional excellence of the students. To know about the top universities in New York and some of the best colleges in the US, stop by the comprehensive website of