Online Videos have created much bustle and bustle among the internet users. According to the stats, 79% of the UAE viewers watch online videos via smartphones. Moreover, around 75% of the viewers watch videos daily.
Doubtlessly, 2018 is going to be a big year in the evolving industry of online videos. So much was seen in the year 2017 from immersive video streaming to amazing experiences brands have created for bringing in more sales.

The scope of virtual reality and augmented reality have transformed video making skills up to great extent as well. The way online videos have been transformed they have truly blurred the lines between reality and virtual environment. You can even visit the edge of the world with a single click. To learn more about online video trends lest pow down to the list summarized below:

Live Video Streaming

Sharing your updates through newsletters and emails is sidetracked with the rise of live video streaming. Today, many fashionistas, entrepreneurs and marketers are drooling to capture a live video to engage and interact with their fans, audience and target customers. Through platforms like Snapchat, Instagram stories, Facebook and YouTube stories thousands of brands are going live every second day to keep their viewers updated about every new coming. The Facebook buttons having expressions including “like love, laugh and sad” have provided a more effective means to the viewers to react and share their feedback to the stories.

In the year 2018, the trends are going to skyrocket for sure with marketers blending innovative ideas to begin the videos. It might happen that they launch contest through it as well.

VR Video Marketing

Along with some tech-giants like Tesco and Heineken the 3D Animation Company UAE has recently invested a huge sum of money to the incorporation of VR in video experiments. VR provides a greater reach to the target audience and compels viewers efficiently. It helps them experience products and environments more closely bring realness to a single touch. Instead of simply watching an ad one can feel it and get involved in it. For the digital world, VR videos provide a new avenue to bring in more traffic to the site. Marketers are adopting the headset to help consumers check their products and services. With VR, video streaming has taken a business path as well.


360-videos is predicted to be full-blown in the year 2018. Being in the top five trends of online videos, it is expected to gain much popularity. With the advent of this most immersive and enticing technology, users could not hold themselves form viewing scenes from every angle. From videos to cover small GIFs, it has spread its glamour in many forms. To double the joy you can put on a VR headset and get completely transformed into another world or area. With the launch of Facebook's features of 360-degree covers and video making option, many active users were seen to some with captivating ideas. Even the brads and marketers found it as an amazing marketing tool. Todays, companies are making 360-degree videos to help customers view and experience their catalogues and portfolios of products and services.

Rise of Video Natives

Video natives like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat is expected to bring more innovation and unique features to their platforms. There could be entries that are unique in this area as well. As per the stats in the Middle East and North Africa region, YouTube is ranked as the most watched and most visited platform. It has above 300 million viewers. YouTube has given a platform to many talented subscribers to become the YouTube. Users are running their vlogs and short films to capture the attention of an active audience. Many have found a new way to earn some bucks as well. From teens to celebrities, it enjoys more than 10.5 million total subscribers. Apart from YouTube, apps like Snapchat has received much of the attention as people love to share their moments in real time with their friends and followers. With funny filters and beautiful effects, they enhance their videos to make them more captivating.

A Peek at the Stats of Middle East

• 4 Out of ten viewers watch videos daily in the Middle East and North Africa, whereas 3 out 10 watch films online.
• As YouTube got ranked in the topmost viewed platform, it is reported to have calculated that every day an average user stream for almost two hours of video watching.
• 70% of the users access videos through laptops, 35% through television and above 79% through smartphones.
• For watching sports around 37-5% male and female respectively, stream videos
• For serials and dramas around 20% to 26%
• Among the countries included from the Middle East to North Africa, Qatar has the most online users who prefer watching online videos.

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