Big data is making big waves in the entire world, as industries are recognizing its importance to make informed decisions. Decisions that are helping businesses in scale heights and become successful. While initially big data made waves in business, interestingly there is another field where big data is making its mark and that is education. Curious, are you? Let’s find out more…

Big Data In Education – How It Is Creating Difference? Since big data boom started, it has been rocking the business world, so it was but natural that education industry tried to incorporate in education field. But the question was how to include big data in education? But the expert educationist came with explanations and solutions and here’s what they had to say.

Considering the fact that educational institutes like schools, colleges and even universities are able to analyze lots of data thanks to upgradation in technologies, it was just a matter of time when a need was felt to use this data systematically to make informed decisions that will not only help students in the long run but will also help these institutes in helping each and every student to become better in the skills.

And here’s how big data allows for quite exciting changes in the field of education thus revolutionizing the entire teaching and learning method. Interestingly enough the US Department of Education, in order to stimulate the trend of big data in education participated in $200 million initiative hosted by agencies to start applying big data analytics to the respective functions.

Ways Big Data In Education Will Help

While there are numerous ways big data will help the field of education, but here are four major reasons. Have a look at them.

1.Improve Student Results

2.Help in creating customized programs for all students

3.Real time learning experience will improve

4.Big Data will help in reducing dropouts and increase the passing results

Does this mean that the jobs for Big Data scientist and big data analyst will be opening for educational institutes as well? Yes, the job of big data scientist is already becoming popular in the market with education field also turning to big data for keeping track of all the things related, it will be just a matter of time when the data scientist and big data analyst jobs will be opening for schools as well.

So what do you do to ensure that you are the first choice of recruiters in the education industry? Certifications and online courses to ensure that you are abreast with the current practices in the industry will be your best bet.
Big Data And Analytics – Top Big Data Certifications, Best Big Data Science Programs.

Qualifications and skills are the prerequisite for any big data job be it big data analyst or big data scientist. But what will make you stand out in the crowd of interviewees will be your certifications in the respective field along with the latest online courses that keep coming out. But wait how do you choose which ones are right for you? While choosing best big data science programs go for the programs that are teaching skills – like Python, R and SQL, which are three core skills required for almost all the big data scientist jobs.

If you have acquired these three core skills and with big data science certification in your kitty there will be no stopping. However, just remember to showcase your skills and qualifications to the recruiters. In addition, choose a reputed and recruiter recognized big data certification.

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