Every human deserves a healthy life, but many of us never get the right path to achieve it, doctors and healthcare professionals have complicated the knowledge of health and wellness. But you can achieve a perfect health if you follow the 5 elements of H.Q. Star which simplifies every aspect of health care.

1) Hygiene

A clean body is the first step towards perfect health. Nutrition and diet makes a body healthier from inside, hygiene and exercise helps to show it outside. Make yourself a brand! A good hygiene creates good body language and confidence.

2) Exercise

Every machine needs to work daily, otherwise the parts wear-out and decrease its efficiency. The same is the case with human body, every body part needs to be worked out daily through exercises. Every exercise affects our body in a unique way, e.g. exercising our legs and hips increases our sitting and standing hours, as they’re exercised regularly they’ll work at their best and increase your workplace efficiency.

Taking deep breaths exercises lungs, thereby protecting us from harmful lung diseases, and also increases the oxygen level to brain, hence a healthier brain leads to better workability.

Keep yourself fit through as many exercises as you can, mainly involving lungs, legs, hips, arms, shoulders and back, but too much of anything is harmful, take regular breaks between each exercise, it helps the oxygen supply to brain. And when brain is healthy, you can work for more time and never feel fatigue.

3) Diet

The 3rd element: Diet. Highly misunderstood by us and every human has a unique story to tell about his diet, each person on earth has a unique diet, and if you want a perfect health you just need to follow some steps to get the right diet.

The main principle for a perfect diet “small meals at small intervals”. Avoid eating heavy breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks at large intervals. This leads to unbalanced food absorption and affects digestion. We never take notice of it in the start, but it becomes prominent with time, and affects the body later. So better ignore heavy meals because they affect your digestion for the long term, and this leads to other diseases too! So the best way to have good digestion and food absorption is to have a balanced and light food intake at regular intervals.

The next principle, never stop eating a particular food just because it is affecting your diet! It’s the biggest mistake that people make, e.g. if rice is making someone unhealthy, they reduce its intake to almost 0%, but each food fulfils a unique nutritive requirement, so don’t ignore it, take small quantities each day, or in intervals, in this way your body gets habitual and if repeated for long term, the side effect of rise can even vanish!

The last principle, intake of balanced nutritive diet. Throughout the day, we mainly intake the food which gives us sugar and carbohydrates, as they are the main sources of energy. But ignoring other nutrients leads to vulnerability to diseases due to weaker immunity. So never take excessive nutrient of any kind, the side effect is more damaging than its effect.

4) Nutrition

Nutrition plays the role of fuel for your body machine! Yet the unawareness of nutrition claims many diseases. It’s not because of the lack of nutrition, but the lack of balanced nutrition results in weaker immunity and vulnerable to diseases, thereby resulting in chronic diseases and attacks.

Many people consume a diet that contains enough nutrients for the body, but today only meals are not enough for a complete nutritive diet, we need additional support.

Due to environmental problems like pollution, work stress, faster lifestyle, and many other factors, just having enough nutrients isn’t the solution to a perfect health. We need additional nutritive supplements to fulfil it. Taking the right nutrition supplement is also necessary, so consulting with a good nutritionist and taking the balanced nutrition supplements can help to achieve the desired perfect health.

Numerous supplements of proteins, vitamins, phytonutrients, fatty acids, minerals, fibre etc. are available, take them in the balanced quantity and you can easily achieve the perfect health.

5) Attitude

You’re taking care of your hygiene, exercising regularly, taking the right diet and having the right nutritional supplements. But one more element completed the H.Q. Star, and that’s your attitude. Negative attitude such as stress, anger, depression, fear, affect our body in a horrible way we can never imagine. Researches have shown that negative attitude affects our food absorption and digestion, affects the blood pressure and sugar levels, and destroys the brain cells frequently. So if you want your dream body to remain fit and healthy, start bringing positive thoughts to your brain. A positive mind helps your body to maintain its functioning in the right direction. If you’ve any negative thoughts, ignore it and say to yourself “These thoughts will destroy my body! Don’t think about them, I can achieve everything positively”. REMEMBER: Positive mind yields positive results.

So start following the “H.Q. Star” today and create a difference in your life!

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Shakti Pradhan is an aspiring technopreneur,determined to help the professionals through his unique thought approach of 7 Quotients.In his life of 22 years,He’s researched on the lifestyle of the successful people around the globe,discovered what makes them so much successful in personal as well as professional life!Fascinated by the application of 7Qs™ by many entrepreneurs and celebrities,He’s also spreading this message to the public through his blog http://the7quotients.wordpress.com telling others about these quotients which can change their lives and lead them to success.