Indefinite Leave to Remain is a legal status that allows the person holding it to stay and work in the UK for an indefinite period, without the need to apply for an extension of the visa. If people are given Permanent Leave to Stay they can leave and re-enter the UK without any limitations on immigration. Unlike British citizenship, given for life, the ILR of a person can expire under some situations, e.g. if they leave the UK for two years or more. Indefinite Leave to Remain is a status granted to non-EEA citizens, as opposed to Permanent Residency. If people have ILR, and the UK is their home, they are considered to be settled in the UK.

How to prove that they have Indefinite Leave to Remain UK
There are different ways in which people may register Indefinite Leave to Remain:

• A Permit for Biometric Residence. Once people are living in the UK, either Indefinite Leave to Stay, Indefinite Leave to join or No Time Limit will be reflected in their BRP.
• A No Time Limit stamp in their passport, indicating that the holder’s stay in the United Kingdom has no time limit.
• An Indefinite Leave to Enter in the passport stamp specifying Granted unlimited leave to enter the UK.
• An ILR stamp requesting permission to live continuously in the UK.
• An ILR clearance in their passport.

Besides this, Tier 2 visa is a UK work visa given to qualified workers from outside of the UK, the European Economic Area, Switzerland, and the UK Overseas Territories. It is only one of the Tier 2 Work Visa forms. Some forms of visa are the Intra-Company Exchange Visa, Religion Minister Visa, and Sportsperson Visa. The Tier 2 General visa UK, however, is the most popular one that students turn to after university. People must have a job offer in the UK to be able to apply. They must also be able to give their, employer a Certificate of Sponsorship. After they have been given a Tier 2 visa for work at a particular organization, their visa depends on their stay in jobs. People need the ability to speak fluent English. Through passing an English language examination or becoming a citizen of another English-speaking country they will prove this. One way of fulfilling the criteria is to get a university degree from a UK institution.

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Besides this, Tier 2 visa is a UK work visa given to qualified workers from outside of the UK, the European Economic Area