When you wake up in the morning the first thing you do is either sit with your newspaper or switch on your television set and tune into the news channel of your choice. Such is the impact of media in our daily life and with every passing hour this importance is increasing rapidly. Especially if we talk about the 24 hours news channels, their significance has reached at its peak. Now we don’t have to wait for every morning to get the current news, anytime we can tune into one of these channels and get every Latest news, whether its World news or India news. By employing the latest technologies they are furnishing us with every details of news. This form of media is completely authentic since it is an audio-visual form of media where everything is right infront of our eyes. To make it even more genuine, they are enriching every news report with live reporting, videos and photographs. They take a good care of all our demands and that’s why they also features special slots intended for entertaining their viewers

and satisfying their senses to the fullest.

• News channels are now available in every language. Apart from the national and international they are also telecasting Latest news of different region. Separate news channels are coming into limelight to cater the need of people belonging to every social and cultural stratum.

• This 24x7 news channels also appoints foreign correspondents so that they can provide their viewers every latest and important World News with full details and authenticity. These correspondents are located in various part of the world and whenever something major takes place they brings that news and footages of that event.

• India news is perhaps the most important section of news for every news channels. Every small and big incident taking place in your country will be telecasted then and there by these 24 hours news channels. For every genre respective reporters and cameramen’s are appointed to cover every news incident in details. These channels also arranges for discussions, debates to make their news feature even more interesting.

• Apart from hard news 24x7 gives a lot of importance to soft news since they know that every individual looks for a break from their dull and dreary daily life. Sports and entertainment news are telecasted for freshening up your mind and also to attract the teenagers and youth towards these channels.

24 hours news channel with their kitty full of Latest news, India news and World news is here to stay till the world comes to an end.

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