Destination weddings are a really popular thing nowadays but often people imagine a setting far far away, under palm trees, the couple on the beach, and everyone staying at a beach resort. But as wonderful as that option is, it is not the only way a couple can have a destination wedding. There are some fantastic options closer to home, with weddings Toms River NJ for example. You do not have to leave the country for a great getaway experience. How about having one at a historic hotel where everyone has a chance to come without the issues of cost and passports that arise with other options?

There are some fabulous options both in the countryside and in towns that offer beautiful settings still, convenience in a conference room NJ or elsewhere on-site for the venue, and rooms for guests to stay in. Your wedding can become a mini-break for anyone that wants one! You can marry beneath redwoods or oak trees rather than palm trees, and enjoy the greenery of grass beneath your feet rather than sand.

You can still have a luxuriousness wedding closer to home with all the advantages that come with a destination wedding. Plus at a hotel, whether you opt for something more historic and attractive, or something more modern you get a lot of advantages, staff, experienced in handling weddings, no need for hiring tables and chairs, all the details are taken care of for you. You can have your dream wedding in an intimate and attractive setting and create memories for you and your guests that will last a lifetime.

Weddings Toms River NJ can be as exclusive as you want them. In a luxury hotel you can have it all, grounds to walk in, or even have the ceremony in, places where people can get away from the crowd, a place for children to run and play, indoor areas when it gets colder that are beautifully decorated, all the facilities you need, then rooms you can change clothes in, crash in at the end of the night, and have breakfast together the next morning as you talk about what a great day it was!

You might spend a whole weekend together celebrating the marriage and life in general. With access to a conference room NJ you can have as many guests as it can hold, and everyone can take a break from day to day life and just relax. From a chef on-site to fine linens everything is on hand. Have a look at what the options are for such a place near you and you may be surprised by the options. Weddings are big business nowadays and more hotels, lodges, and retreats are offering their services to couples for their big day.



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