We all have started new fitness programs only to fall off track about a couple weeks into the program. Let’s take a look at ways to stay on track and achieve our fitness goals.

#1 Make The Decision to Stick with Fitness Plan

Before you even develop any kind of fitness plan you need to decide you will stay with the plan. The problem: we are taught in school and in the business world is we need to have a plan before you begin. We spend all our time thinking and designing plans, but doing very little.

The first part of a fitness program is to stay with the program. With that decision made you can now design the plan.

#2 Design Workout Plan

Since we decided we will stick with our fitness program we now have to decide what to do? Here is what my fitness program looks like, you can add or subtract other exercises.

At my gym I have a steam room and sauna. I go in there first in my workout clothes to start my workout. I do this for about 5 minutes because it relaxes me and has become part of my workout routine. Next I do cardio for about 15 to 20 minutes. The cardio could be running, biking or an elliptical machine.

Use Interval Training

Regardless of the one I choose I do interval training. Interval training is going at a fast pace for one minute and then at a walking pace for one minute. I continue this until I have completed 15 or 20 minutes.

The next part of my fitness program is to do some lightweight training. I know ladies we do not like to do a lot of weight lifting, but it part of my workout routine.

I usually use light dumbbells about 3 lbs up to 15 lbs. I do various arm curls and shoulder presses. My weight lifting only lasts about 20 minutes. I rest one minute between each repetition.

Importance of Cool Down Period

The last part is to go back to cardio to cool down. The cool down is an important part man and women do not do when they complete their workout. I do light running and walking for about 5 to 10 minutes to cool down. My goal is to lower my heart rate during my cool down session.

There is my fitness program. It takes about one hour from beginning to end. I am very relaxed once I have completed my workout.

#3 What You Eat

Any fitness program will have some eating or diet component. I do not like to starve myself. I do like my cookies, which is my downfall. I do try to avoid eating burgers and French fries from my favorite fast food restaurants. However, once or twice a month I do breakdown and need some French fries.

The main suggestion is to cut down on how much you eat. Not eating as much is a key to my fitness program and should work for you.

Accomplish You Fitness Goals

You have to make the decision to stay with your fitness program. Once you make this decision you can then design a workout, which will work for you. Too many pick a plan and then decide if they will stick with the fitness program. I suggest doing the steps in reverse and see what happens.

Happy workout!!

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