If you watch horror films, and your real life is falling apart at the seams, can you really be staying positive? Thrillers are created to be unsettling. But many of us are obsessed with watching them, even in unsettling times.
In South Korea, at the wake of the coronavirus, when the country was suffering it’s peak, the movie ‘Contagion’ was #1, And, as the virus spread throughout the world, the same thing happened. Rentals and torrents of downloads of ‘Contagion’ were streaming non-stop, but before the pandemic, that film wasn’t even on the top 100 list.( Buzzfeed )

Horror movies and thrillers keep me up at night, so I don’t watch them. But the reason we’re captivated by that gendre, is that they tap into our most primal emotion ~ fear. Suspense grips us; it raises our heart rate and keeps us on the edge. This is why Jaws, Pet Sematary and Bride of Frankenstein are classics, and they always rank on the top 100 list. (Rotten Tomatoes)

Life can be always be uncertain. You can lose your job, get sick or live through a pandemic, but you have a choice to be drawn into the vortex of anxiety, and you also have a choice to lessen your anxiety, stay focussed, confident and productive and keep your hope alive.

I find these techniques useful. And they’ve been researched, so try them for yourself and see how they benefit you.


1) Limit the Media.
This is tricky because we get information from everywhere. But remember, you’re infatuated and drawn by fear. It sets your imagination on overdrive and there’s a snowball effect that creates panic. Be informed with information from credible sources, but limit the time you allow yourself to watch or listen, so you don’t become entirely absorbed in what you see or hear.

2) Do What You Can:
If you’re not working right now, retired, or you’re spending a lot of time on your own, don’t lose focus. Keep daily rituals to stay on track and stay positive. They provide structure and even if your big event of the day is Netflix, make it a part of your routine.
Start each day and end it at the same time, and be consistent. Exercise, meditate and talk positively to yourself. If you’re looking for work, or think you’ll be downsized soon, now is the time to come up with creative ideas to build for the future. When you have time on your hands, think of positive things you can do.

3) Think of the Good:
There are always silver linings. One of my clients was ‘downsized’ because of the coronavirus and chances are, that she’ll never be called back. When I coached her to discover her strengths, it opened her eyes to her potential. She started a new and different buisness – something she never thought was possible to do. Opportunities are everywhere, and a positive mindset will get you there.

4) Keep Connections:
Call supportive friends, family members and colleagues. Join like-minded online communities. Talk to neighbors, join groups and establish new friendships. When you’re feeling anxious and uncertain, connecting with positive people relieves anxiety, and can boost your morale for the day!

5) Set Boundaries:
Negative Energy is contagious. So, protect yourself by setting personal boundaries with colleages and disempowering people. Don’t feel guilty about doing this. You deserve peace. Listen to uplifting podcasts, read stories and watch films that inspire you. When you’re focussed on the negative, you’ll find it, but there is a lot to be positive about too.

6) Get Physical:
Walk, run, ride a bike or do yoga etc. Everyone can find an activity they can do. Physical exercise releases endorphins, and neurochemicals in the pleasure centers of your brain. And even if you’re housebound, when you incorporate exercise into your daily routine, you’ll not only look better, but you’ll feel better too.

7) Be Still:
Aim for at least 15 minutes of stillness a day. Observe your thoughts with meditation and mindfulness.. These practices teach you that you have control of you’re thinking. When you sit in stillness, breathe and relax, you will release anxiety, anger, or frustration and discover a more positive frame of mind.

8) Stop Control:
You can’t control people, or outcomes, but you CAN control yourself and how you want to feel. Write positive affirmations and make them your daily mission. Self-affirming statements, like “I wake up with strength in my heart and feel good” can set the right frame of thinking for the day.

9) Get Help:
Reach out if you need to and don’t worry about being judged by anyone. There is no reason to struggle on your own. Talk to a supportive friend or family member, or reach out and discuss your fears with a coach or a therapist. This is the quickest way to shift your perspective, so you can move forward with confidence. Life can be less stressful and always has opportunities, even in uncertain times.

The Take-Away :
Life can be uncertain in the best of times, but you have a choice to be fearful and anxious. And you also have a choice to lessen the anxiety stay focussed, be productive and confident and keep hope alive.
How to keep staying positive and confident:
Limit the Media
Stay Focused
Think of the Good
Keep Connections
Set Boundaries
Get Physical
Be Still
Stop Control
Get Help
Now you may be thinking ‘this was useful, but I need more’, well I have a surprise for you.
Download this free step-by-step workbook, (with worksheets) in my website, print it and do the exercises. These tools will help you stop your anxiety and open you up new opportunities.

Author's Bio: 

Beverley Glazer is a Life Transitions and Empowerment Coach, who trains women have confidence; open their eyes to their potential, reinvent themselves and increase their self worth and net worth.