There are so many techniques, opinions, and practices that are subscribed to when it comes to the topic of keeping the body balanced. Most of them have some relevance and the majority of them will work for some people. I have come to realize after working with so many people that everyone is truly different. What might work for you may not be as effective for someone else. That is not to say that one person is in better or worse shape than the other, quite the contrary. It really does point to the difficulty that all practitioners have – to figure out what works best for each person. We can’t apply healing to everyone with a broad stroke. Everyone has different needs to maintain their balance and ultimately their health.

The reality is first of all no health issue is minor. Health issues are all important. They can become the building blocks of much serious matters and should be addressed as soon as they rear their ugly head. That being said there are somethings we can do to get to know our bodies better and to begin to develop an intimate relationship with who we are within our bodies.

Balance is everything. We need to address the needs of the mind, body and spirit. There are many ways to do this and from time to time I will write about what some of those things are.

When you first awaken in the morning:
lie there in your bed for just a few minutes thanking your creator for blessing you with another day and thanking him for all he has done in your life

say an affirmation to prepare you for your day. For instance “There will not be any challenges or obstacles that I can’t handle all is in divine order” or “I take everything that comes my way with amazing ease and confidence” Repeat whatever affirmation you choose several times until it gets into your spirit.

next before you actually get out of bed drink that 8 oz class of water with lemon that you set on your night table the night before. It is room temperature, not too cold or shocking to your system, the lemon taste is fresh and invigorating – it will slowly wake up your body in a loving a gentle way not in a “rushing out of the bed” way
finally once your feet are touching the side of the bed, but before you actually get up take a few cleansing breaths. Get your blood circulating, feeling your body begin to slowly wake up and feel refreshed ready to start your day.

You will be surprised how effective this little process is. It helps you to start your day in a loving and subtle way, showing love for your temple and most of all yourself. Take this time for yourself in the morning. It will make a difference on how the rest of your day goes.

Author's Bio: 

Lynnis Woods-Mullins is the CEO and Founder of PraiseWorks a faith based organization that focuses on the wellness of the mind, body and spirit through holistic practices and fitness. Lynnis has over 40 years experience in fitness, dance, and exercise and is a certified Lifestyle Coach in Health and Wellness. She also has produced fitness DVD's and host an Internet Radio Show on the VoiceAmerica Network's Health and Wellness Channel. Lynnis also facilitates workshops, seminars, and specialized motivational speaking geared toward empowering Women to reach their full potential.