To monitor and control the purity of boiler feed water, Steam and water analysis system (SWAS) designed.
Steam and water analysis system (SWAS) is a system that is used to analyze and display critical information about steam or water in the power cycle. For any power plant running on steam, it is absolutely crucial to ensure about the purity of boiler feed water and steam during electricity generation; especially to steam equipment like steam turbine, superheater, boiler valves, condenser, steam boiler. A well-designed steam and water analysis system can help prevent damage of steam boiler, steam turbine, and other critical parameters in the steam. These parameters contain pH, silica, sodium, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Phosphate, and Chlorides etc. To keep the power plant operating and functioning with minimum corrosion, the power plant has fully integrated steam and water analysis system (SWAS).
To protect these types of equipment SWAS works into stages:-
1. Sample Extracting
2. Sample Transport
3. Sample Conditioning
4. Sample Analysis

1. Sample Extracting: In the sampling system, sample extraction probe is the first important component. The correct choice of sample extraction probe should never be overlooked as analysis of an extracted sample is going to represent the exact process condition. As the probe is directly attached to the process pipework, it may have to withstand severe conditions. For most applications, this sample probe is made up of stringent codes, which is an application to high-pressure and high-temperature pipework. It is used to measure sample flow rate and sample extraction probe.

2. Sample Transport: The sample meets the least resistance is important while transporting the sample. To process the flow of sample joints and bends in the pipeline need to be minimal.

3. Sample Conditioning System: It is also known as sampling system and Wet Panel in some countries. In this stage, The sample coolers is used to cool the sample at the required temperature, then depressurized in pressure regulators and then transfer to various analyzer while the flow characteristics are kept constant through black pressure regulatory. While working with these systems, there are a lot of safety equipment provided in wet panels for operators safety.


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