Some businessmen thought that telemarketing has long been dead. This is the primary reason why they haul social media and a bundle of online marketing tools to boost their sales. But, they have not been successful, not that I know of. Though the importance of using the Internet portals is palpable, majority have agreed to disagree that telemarketing is a thing of the past. In fact, as you read this article, thousands of telemarketers are now busy with their telephones while doing prospecting. Other cold-callers have been qualifying their generated leads and appointment setters cross their fingers that a qualified appointment will be set.

It does not need to hire a management adviser or consultant in order for you to decide whether to contract a telemarketing firm which will perform your lead generation services. Actually, it takes common sense to come up with a wise judgment and sound decision.

Let me lay down the general scenario. For instance, your company is a new accounting firm offering services such as management consultancy, tax planning, management advisory services, auditing, and bookkeeping. Most, if not all, companies do not have an inkling that your firm exist. What would you do then? Will you use direct mail and pay a large amount with little responses? Or, perhaps, utilize email? But, you do not have an email list. Another option will be to hire a sales representative to perform a face-to-face interaction. With such scheme, you will just double your expenses with petty results. One good choice is to do telemarketing. By doing so, another problem exist, your company do not have the resources, both experts and machinery.

The above-mentioned example embodies the significance of outsourcing telemarketing services. Back to the scenario, when you seek the assistance of the right call center, you are steering your firm to the right direction. Once the deal is done between you and a telemarketing firm, it will take less time to prospect sales leads, to qualify them and to schedule a meeting between the customer and your sales representative. You might not be aware that in less than a month, your employees are starting to perform their services to your clients while money flows in your bank account. If you continue to outsource, more and more qualified sales leads and qualified appointments will be produced. When the year ends, the growth that your company dreams will be realized easily.

If this is so, you would then think of building your own call center. If only it is that easy to do, then you have the green light. However, telemarketing is a big challenge, more complicated than your mind could grasp. It demands refinements in strategies in order to be successful. Cold-calling and appointment setting, the two most important functions of telemarketing, need skills in selling, speech, delivery, and persuasion. This is made more difficult when it is a business-to-business telemarketing. Talking to business authorities requires an arsenal of attitude, wit, skills and patience to tame the lion. If you pursue erecting an outbound contact center of your own, I wouldn't be surprised that you will throw the towel earlier than I expect it.

The benefits of outsourcing outbound telemarketing services range from efficiency to minimization of expenditures. Specifically, the subsequent enumeration pertains to some of the incalculable fruits of outsourcing.

• Reduce capital expenditure and overheads
• Save on manpower costs and eliminate investment in infrastructure
• Focus on core business
• Enhance speed and service
• Access to specialized skills, best practices and methodologies
• Improved customer satisfaction

In doing business, your products and services, through exceptionally good, will not have a chance in grabbing the spotlight if you do not fire up your marketing instruments. When you outsource lead generation services to the right telemarketing service provider, you will not worry anymore of being left behind by your competitors, both those small-scale or those cream of the crop.

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