So many of my friends ask "What should I eat to lose weight" or "what is the best exercise to get rid of this flabby bit" or better yet "just tell me exactly what to do…"

The problem is, that as soon as you hand out a strict meal and workout plan, that most people struggle to follow it. This is because it doesn’t fit in with their lifestyle and the amount of change that is required is HUGE. Do not worry, I have an answer!

Make small changes every day.

Small Actions Create Big Results

Think of your body as a savings account. If you want to save up for a holiday you don’t put in $10,000 all in one go. You deposit small amounts each week and overtime, you build up enough money for your amazing holiday. In terms of your body, you want to deposit small habits that will slowly but surely chip away at your weight loss.

Here are my top changes to make:

1 – Move every day in a way that makes you happy. Maybe this is walking or running, perhaps yoga is more your thing. Just move and enjoy it.

2 – Eat Less Processed Food. If it didn’t grow in the ground or have a mother, try your best to avoid it. If you currently eat a lot of processed food this might be a long process, just do what you can and try to do better each day. Don’t give up just because you caved and had take out. Learn from that experience and strive to do better.

3 – Eat More Fruits and Veggies. These will give you energy and vitality. They will fill you up and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to be strong and healthy.

4 – Finally drink more water. Water keeps us energized. It helps to stop reaching for the sugary soda, or the chocolate bar. It will help to flush out the toxins from your body and make you feel on top of the world (once you’ve gotten used to peeing all the time!!)

I know you’ve heard all this before, but seriously, start small. Just take one step every day. Each day try and do better than you did before, and soon you will be flying through and be healthier than ever!

If you want a quicker approach to detoxing your body and starting your healthy living routine why not follow these steps to reduce weight. The results I got are really good. Remember, a healthy lifestyle will improve your mindset and success.

Author's Bio: 

I'm Lukas and I'm senior copywriter at MediaFusion Marketing. I have a masters in marketing at the University of Economics Prague but I'm also passionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.