We are entering a new paradigm of living life here on Earth. The old ways of duality, judgment, and limiting belief systems are falling away rapidly. Many have already shifted into the new paradigm and have aligned themselves to their TRUE nature, allowing them to live a higher 5th dimensional, heavenly life on Earth.

You can do it too.

First, you HAVE to get real. Stop telling yourself that everything is okay when it's not. If you dropped everything, worries about money, kids, your stressful career, your health issues, all of it, what would you wish to create for yourself? Do you ever allow yourself to dream your biggest dreams? Do you stop yourself from reaching for the stars by telling yourself that it's not realistic to do so? Do you make excuses for squelching your passions and desires, telling yourself that you have responsibilities to take care of?

Our past conditioning has taught us to hold ourselves back, to live a small, safe life. We have been taught that there is a certain "accepted way" of living and are made to feel as if we are less than if we do not conform to society's expectations of us.

Well, throw all of those old beliefs out the window, the new paradigm is here!

In order to know where you would like to take your life, you first have to know where you are. In other words, you have to get real before you can make any changes. You cannot change what you cannot acknowledge. You know this, right?

Next, become aware of the fact that YOU have created every single aspect of your life. I know that's a tough pill to swallow. You may not have consciously chosen a specific event to occur in the way that it did, but a Universal Truth is that you get back what you put out. The good news is that once you become aware and accept this truth, you can begin to consciously make new choices that will bring you the results that you desire.

Pay attention to your feelings throughout the day. Your feelings are guideposts, signaling to you the vibration you are sending out to the Universe. Are you resisting life, dreading certain parts, labeling other parts as pointless, stressful or a pain in the butt? Realize that by doing this, you are translating your life in a way that drags you down. You are writing the experience of your life by the way you orient to it. What meaning are you giving your life?

Remember this, your feelings are not who you are. They are simply translations of vibration that help you to be more conscious of your current perspective. The only reason you do not like some of your experiences is because of the perspective you take about them. Maybe you give up your power, or believe you are helpless to change the situation. Maybe you attempt to control situations and make them fit into the mold you believe they should take, or maybe you try to push things away.

So, how are you feeling right now?

Honor yourself, take some time to reflect and honestly view your life and your feelings about it. Allow yourself to dream. After you dream, dream bigger, and BIGGER!! You are an unlimited, abundant being full of creative potential! When you simply align yourself to your true essence, you step into the flow of life. Let go of trying to control things. Stop the judgments. Realize that when you let life in and allow it to flow effortlessly and without restraint, you will open up to life's abundance.

You will become FREE!

Congratulations to you for taking the first step and simply becoming aware. When you are aware, you are awake. When you are awake, you become ALIVE. When you are alive you can live your highest and best, greatest and grandest version of yourself that you ever thought possible!

Love, light and high vibes!



Author's Bio: 

Dena is the founder of Elevate Your Vibration. Her mission is to help her clients to align with the greatest and grandest versions of themselves in order to create a life full of freedom, joy and abundance. She is a spiritual coach, author, energy healer, wife, and mother of two.