Is there something you've wanted to do, accomplish? Something for which you've always longed? Yet despite your fervent desires, there always seems to be something, or someone standing in your way, making those things you want somehow always out of reach. Perhaps you blame your parents. You were mistreated when you were a kid. Or maybe it's that crazy teacher who gave you a D minus in algebra when it should have been an A. How about your gym coach? Maybe he told you you weren’t working out hard enough. The clothes manufacturers? Are they to blame for making the clothes too small? Hmm.

Your parents may not have been the best. Fair enough. But you're an adult now, capable of making your own choices. Maybe you went bar hopping instead of staying home to study for that algebra test. Did you really challenge yourself during your workout, or did you just go through the motions? Are you really a size 4?

While all those above-mentioned reasons may have some validity, it's time to let go of them. More often than not, it is not an outside force standing in your way, it's You. Fears, insecurities, doubts, laziness, etc., are all things that stand in the way of your attaining what you want. Often, however, that’s too bitter a pill to swallow, so excuses are created. One after another. And while all this is going on, at no point do you say, “Hey, I should have studied harder! I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and stop looking back. What am I doing Now to achieve success?”

If you really want something from this life, you need to go after it. You need to pursue it with all your might; want it as badly as you want to breathe. Gladly step aside; throw the excuses in the trash. Cease the blaming. By doing that you only succeed in giving away your power. As soon as you take your power back, take responsibility for all your current decisions, you become strong, decisive, and capable of attaining anything for which you really strive. The moment you take responsibility for you, things will begin to change. So what are some things you can do?

1) Let go of what happened in the past, however bad. You can’t change it. You can only start where you are today.
2) Take responsibility for your actions. Don’t keep pointing the finger; that will keep you helpless.
3) Let go of whatever fear is holding you in place. Fear’s just a word; it can’t hurt you!
4) Don’t play the Victim role; choose instead to be the Victor!
5) Don’t be afraid of making mistakes; it’s how you learn.
6) Learn to take some risks; it will help you grow.

The next time you're about to blame someone for something you haven't achieved, STOP! Take a look at what you're doing, or not doing. Are you limiting yourself? Is someone other than you really in your way? You might be surprised at the answer. The moment you own you, miracles will happen.

Step aside today. The sky’s the limit!

Author's Bio: 

Rossana Snee is a Marriage & Family Therapist. She has worked with individuals, couples, and families. Her present focus, however, is working with young women in their 20s, specifically 21 - 26. She facilitates a monthly group called An Afternoon With Josh's Mom, whereby she guides, empowers, and promotes self-love. Her goal is to provide these young women with the guidance to make decisions in their best interest.

Visit her Blog:, Facebook Page, and Twitter @askjoshsmom. Ms. Snee endeavors to inspire and motivate, to be a springboard for her reader's self-growth.