The bathroom is one area of a house that needs constant attention. Depending on the amount of people who frequent this area, a bathroom may need to be maintained on a daily basis. If your bathroom is not clean, it can be a really uncomfortable situation for everyone involved.

Cleaning a bathroom is not exactly a fun time, but once the bathroom is clean, it is well worth the effort. Letting dirt and grime build up for weeks and months is a recipe for disaster. If grime builds up on your shower, tub and countertops, it can be difficult to remove and may even leave stains. Staining is a stronger possibility if you have lighter tile and countertop colors. Staying on top of cleaning by doing a little bit each day is a great way to make sure the bathroom does not get out of hand.

First Steps…Cleaning Your Bathroom

One of the ways to keep your bathroom clean is to use the Classic Squeegee. This item will help clean all of the surfaces in the bathroom, including tiles, glass and countertops. This cleaning tool is a great way to avoid mildew buildup. The handle is chrome plated plastic and the rubber blade is in a stainless steel blade. You can even store this Classic Squeegee right in the shower, with its suction cup hanger.

The Deluxe Squeegee is similar in design to the Classic one, but the handle is chrome plated zinc and the stainless steel blade component is polished and the grip is non-slip for easy usage.

All bathrooms should have a wastebasket, but if you want it out of sight, the Door Waste Basket mounts on the door inside the cabinet. There is a larger basket for use in the kitchen and a smaller one for the bathroom.

Organizing Your Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom can be tedious, but you really can help yourself clean faster and get the job done right if you learn how to organize the bathroom. If you have the 12 Foot Chrome Corner Shower Caddy, you can have your soap, shampoo and conditioner on the caddy shelves rather than on the corners of the tub or inset shelves in the shower. Placing these items on the caddy will free up the other areas of the actual tub or shower for easier cleaning.

Underneath the bathroom sink can be a disaster if you do not have the proper organization. The Gray Expandable Under Sink Shelf can really put this area in order. There are two levels with removable panels so pipes will not be obstructed when the Sink Shelf is in place.

If you do not have any room for hanging towel bars or just want some extra storage for your towels, the Towel Valet is for you. You can put two large towels on the bars and you do not have to be worried that it will topple over because it supports heavy and wet towels. The bars are wide and effectively air dry the wet towels better than leaving the towels on hooks.

Countertops can also become easily cluttered. Throughout the days, weeks and months, countertops can accumulate tons of items, as well as dirt and grime.
If you use the Stackable Vanity Basket, you can place your perfume, makeup, hand cream and other cosmetics in one place and easily move the entire basket off the counter when you are cleaning the bathroom. Moving one item is much easier than having to remove each item individually when you clean.

When you place shampoo bottles or conditioners on the shelves in the shower or bath, these bottles can leave marks on the tile shelves or shower unit. The Double Dispenser is stylish and can hold your shampoo and conditioner. The unit has a pre-measured pump, so you do not have to worry about wasting money by using excess amounts of shampoo and conditioner and your shelves won’t get as dirty without bottles.

The Single Dispenser also works well, especially near the vanity to dispense soap. This unit also has a pre-measured pump so you won’t be wasting money. You can easily detach the dispenser from the bracket on the wall so that you can refill the soap. The bracket is fixed to the wall with silicone adhesive and two way tape; both are included.

Having the right products and maintaining this area on a consistent basis is the best formula for a clean bathroom. The amount of time and effort required to keep this area clean can be dramatically reduced with a good plan and some reliable bathroom organizers.

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