Fasteners are very critical in all areas where they have used. That's why the fasteners manufacturers have to be keen to come up with a quality fastener. The use of fasteners is also diverse. They may be used to close the device or for particular purpose use.

As a result of the various services, the fasteners manufacturers have designed fasteners to suit every specific situation's needs. Besides, they produce quality and durable items that can offer you long service. Do you seek to know the process used by fasteners manufacturers to create such unique fasteners? Get on board with the steps below.

Steps followed by fasteners manufacturers in India

Inspection of raw materials and storage

It is the first step taken by fasteners manufacturers. The raw material for fastener production has to be decided based on where the fastener will be used. After the material has been examined, it has to be stored properly. That will help to avoid rusting. It needs to be covered well.

Unfinished fastener production

The fasteners manufacturers in India have to take this step where casting and forging have done. Some other methods that may be applied here are prototyping and sintering.


When the fastener parts have been made through casting or forging route, they are machined to give the required dimensions. CNC has mainly been used. Some of the things done here are grooving, facing as well as pointing.

Heat treatment.

Fasteners need to be strong. That's why fasteners manufacturers in India have to pass their products through heat. At this step, the fasteners manufacturers heat the fastener at a temperature range of 850-900. Once done, they pass the products through a cooling media.

Surface finishing

It is a grinding process taken by the fasteners manufacturers and aimed at making the fastener smooth.

Thread rolling

When done with the surface finishing process, fasteners manufacturers in India use two dies to carry out thread rolling. There is the use of moving and stationary dies. They exert pressure on the fasteners to form threads.


Fastener manufacturers need to give quality and durable products. one of the ways used by fasteners manufacturers in India is to coat their products to prevent rusting. That way, the fasteners can last longer.

Final inspection

Once the fasteners manufacturers are through with the production process, they have to inspect the products. It has done to ensure they are of high quality.

Packaging and storage

When the production process has completed, the fasteners need proper storing. The reason is they may be in store before getting customers. So, the fasteners manufacturers need to carry out adequate handling.


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