Hair transplant is a recent craze which is done not only for those who have lost it for excessive hair fall but also who want to alter their hairlines. Many people are concern about whether this procedure is really safe and successful?  It is a simple surgical treatment that involves removal of hair follicles from any site of the body like legs, face and placed them into the bald area. Hair transplant doctors say that follicular transplantation is permanent and can be done in two ways that is- strip harvesting and Follicular Unit Extraction. FUE can be done in various settings. It is a time taking technique but it is not so cost effective. The main benefit of this process is it is a natural process without any side effect.  Let us discuss the steps of this procedure.

  • Take Preparation for the Surgery- The first and foremost step of this process is hair follicles from the back of the head are removed and then replaced it to the balding areas.
  • Trimming Of the Donor Area- Before starting the surgery hair of the donor will be trimmed.
  • Donor Should Be Prepared For the Surgery- After trimming of the donor; doctors spray the local anesthesia to the scalp of the donor.
  • Sewing the Donor Area after Removing the Tissue- the tissue of the donor area which contains the bald resistant hair follicles is them removed by surgery and this area is sewing.
  • Unite the Hair over Donor Scalp- the sutures are hidden from the patient’s scalp. These sutures are removed after ten days of transplant surgery.
  • Trim the Donor Tissue into Follicular Grafts- The hair transplant doctors use microscopes to view the donor tissue for preparing and dissecting the follicular grafts.
  • Patient Is Prepared- after giving the local anesthesia to the patient the recipient’s scalp is prepared for the surgery. No trimming and removal is necessary at the top of the patient’s area.
  • Incisions Take Place In The Balding Areas – follicular combined grafts are placed in the small incisions that are made in an irregular pattern in the patient’s area.
  • Placing the Grafts as Per Density- Number one and two grafts are placed in front of the hairline. Number three and four are placed behind.
  • Changes after Surgery- After completing the procedure tiny incisions will be visible in the recipient’s operated area.
  • Stop the Surgery- the healing process is slow but the redness in the recipient’s area will vanish within a week.


It is a non-interfering process and it is done on several occasions as an outpatient basis. Most of the patients are allowed to take the shampoo after 2 to 3 days of operation. Protection from sun and infection should be maintained. They have to take some antibiotics after an operation.

Above are the steps that are followed in the FUE process. This process is completely natural and it has no side effects. But before taking this process consult with a renowned plastic surgeon.


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