Use of durable and attractive floorings increases the life of the floor.  It helps to prevent floor deterioration. When in a garage, we want to have smooth flooring, one which is durable and can withstand heavy loads without showing cracks. In order to meet such demands, epoxy flooring comes to your rescue. 

Epoxy is a tough resin which hardens and forms a tough bond with the floor. Epoxy is a common choice of garage flooring. Epoxy flooring also provides with a polished look and gives a feeling of a showroom look. It is customizable and makes your floor resistant to water and high levels of wear-tear and other damages. 

Now once you know about the everlasting benefits of using epoxy as a flooring material, it is time for you to learn the steps Pros take to achieve this kind of flooring:

  • First and foremost you will need a lot of tools such as paint roller, goggles for your safety, floor scrapper as well as a huge bucket for mixing purpose. Also a stiff bristled push broom comes handy during this flooring.
  • Keep a check on the weather forecast from beforehand. Moisture content of the floor might act as a barrier. Chances are that you might face problem if the garage space has a high level of underground water. Under such circumstances call experts from Garage flooring in Melbourne. Also, it is not possible to carry out epoxy coating during winters as it requires a high temperature of about 50-60 degrees. 
  • Before you start with work, make sure you have a clean and tidy floor. If it is not clean and tidy, here is what you can do! Scrap out the tough stains and dirt avidly to get a clean surface. Give good sweeping using a broom to remove as much dust as possible.
  • Wash the floor considerably well then opt for squeegee to foam up the surface with soap or detergent to achieve complete cleanliness!
  • Gear up for the pretreatment of the floor. Here you need to mix citric acid concrete etch by following proper instructions. This pretreatment is essential as it gives better adherence of the epoxy to the floor.
  • Allow sufficient time for drying up then look out for cracks and gradually fix them
  • Prepare the epoxy mixture as per instructions and give it a good mix to make a homogeneous mixture. Wait for the reaction to complete. Once the reaction has completed, now pour the epoxy mixture in sections of 4’’ x 4’’.  Be very generous while you do so. Now you may add different colored flakes to the flooring and allow few days for it to dry and bond properly.

Epoxy flooring helps to provide you with a tough and durable finish which is sure to last ages. It helps to make the floor smooth and capable to withstand heavy vehicular loads.  They are ideal for garages as they are a perfect choice for heavy load areas. Epoxy coating is really simple and an easy DIY!

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