You may have many questions regarding the process of surrogacy and the steps involved whether you are going to grow your family through surrogacy or wish to help a childless couple with the gift of parenthood. The surrogacy process may vary based on different state laws. The below steps will guide you to understand the process of surrogacy.

1. Decide if surrogacy is suitable for you
The first step in a surrogacy process is to carefully decide whether a surrogacy process is suitable for you or not. Become a surrogate or a having a child through surrogacy can be both very emotional and long journey and it is a major decision for both of them. Before going for surrogacy, couples and individuals must carefully understand the laws involved in the process and the pros and cons of the process as well. They must consult surrogacy professionals to understand the pros and cons in details.

Surrogacy can be a life changing decision for a surrogate and cab be extremely fulfilling but it also involved many challenges. Surrogacy requires you to dedicate your time for helping other family as you need to undergo many different medical and psychological evaluations and procedures, have to handle all the challenges related to pregnancy and also you have to carry other person child. Although, many women accept these challenges and choose the path of surrogacy. If you decided to become a surrogate mother, it will not only provide you the unique chance to give an amazing and incredible gift to another person or couple, but it also provides you with healthy financial benefits and also help you to establish a long lasting relationships between you and the family you are helping.

Surrogacy is the unique blessing for childless couple who has struggled with infertility and still unable to become parents. The intended parents considering surrogacy should be aware about the financial and emotional investment require in the whole process and should ensure that they have the enough resources to go for their decision for surrogacy and parenthood. If you still have questions about surrogacy or require more information before finalize your decision, consider contacting Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, she is one of the best IVF experts in Delhi.

2. Prepare for Surrogacy
Once you have decided to become a surrogate mother, you need to consider many different factors and have to make your decisions based on the situation. You must consider on below situations:
• If you wish to work with a surrogacy agency to find a match or you already know the intended parents
• The type of surrogacy you are interested in
• Are you going to pursue surrogacy independently or would you wish to work with a surrogacy agency throughout the surrogacy process?

The above decision will help you to develop your surrogacy plan and also set your goals and preferences throughout the surrogacy process. If you selected an agency for your surrogacy decision, you have to work closely with them and add details to your surrogacy plan accordingly. The information you already compiled in your plan will help you to match with prospective intended parent

If you are a prospective intended parent, you have to create your surrogacy plan as per your requirements at this stage. This will help you to set your preferences and goals for your surrogacy process. You can create your plan by considering below points:
• If you wish to use donor sperm or eggs
• The type of surrogacy (gestational or traditional) you’d like to opt
• Your main goals for surrogacy
• Whether you go for a matching service or you already know a surrogate
• Which surrogacy agency you will use if you will work with an agency throughout the surrogacy process

Once you have decided the type of surrogacy you would wish to choose and have selected either a surrogacy agency or surrogate, you will then require to complete the various tests process for further process. You will require to search a surrogate mother, after you have been approved and screened by your surrogacy agency.

3. Find a Perfect Match
One of the most crucial steps of the surrogacy process is to find the right intended couples or surrogate mother. If you have already found a suitable surrogacy opportunity, next you require consulting with an attorney to understand the assisted reproductive law involved in the process. You also can try to check the surrogacy opportunity with a matching service of a surrogacy agency. The surrogacy specialist will help you to develop a best surrogacy plans and provide with a profile of the other party to see if there is interest in a match for you once the surrogacy agency finds a surrogate mother and intended couples with similar surrogacy plans. If both parties are agreed to move ahead, they may get to know about other party in depth through phone calls, emails or in-person meetings and can create the match official by signing the initial legal contract.

As a surrogate mother, you need to consider what type of intended parents you wish to work and the type of relationship you wish to share with them. Your surrogacy professional will probably will help you to find a perfect intended parent as per your requirements. You can differentiate intended parents based on religion, age, race, personality and much more.

As a prospective intended parent, you first need to set a surrogacy plan as per your requirements which will fulfil your surrogacy goals and preferences. This plan will help you to find a prospective surrogate for you.

4. Legal Requirements
After the final decision of intended parents and surrogate mother to move forward together, they will need to draft an initial legal contract in order to move forward. After the approval of everyone regarding the terms of the contract, the documents will be signed by each party and the embryo transfer process can begin.

5. Beginning of the Embryo Transfer Process
After the all the document works, the required medical procedures to prepare for the embryo transfer has been started. This process will likely be managed by a fertility clinic. The surrogate will begin receiving agreed payments once a healthy pregnancy is confirmed. Prenatal care also will be started for her which will continue throughout the pregnancy.

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