When at the receiving end of a breakup, you'd naturally want to patch things up and get back together with your ex. Nonetheless, this act is more complicated for girls than it is for guys, since you can't do anything too exaggerated that will make you appear desperate. With the right moves, you can pull it off. The following are some guidelines on how to win someone back ingeniously.

The 'no contact stage', which takes up the first few weeks after a break up is the most important stage on how to win someone back. The first impulse of girls is to try to get in touch with their ex to change their minds because they are usually more emotional. They use desperate methods, such as emotional blackmail or bothering and pressuring their ex, all of which are in fact, a big turn-off with guys.

So what should you do while not in contact with your ex? You must reconsider the whole relationship with its strengths and weaknesses as well as your contribution to the break up. You must know first why they left before you find out how to win someone back. Since guys don't like to talk much, perhaps he won't tell you what went wrong and why he left.

Nonetheless, he'll be much impressed and will view you as mature if you figure it out alone. You become more beautiful to him when you see this change for the better.

Telling your ex everything you've found out is another fundamental part of how to win someone back. You can send him a letter after the first few weeks of no communication, telling him you understand his decision, you know you contributed much to the break up, and you're sorry. Moreover, abstain from pointing out his faults and telling him how terrible it has been since he left. Since he'd rather not delve into anything emotional, set the letter with a cool and calm tone.

After the breakup, be sure to take care of yourself during the first few weeks. A 'no sleep, no eat' life due to depression will just harm you but the secret on how to win someone back is to make yourself eye-catching to them. Some girls get a haircut to change their appearance; others try cooking classes, driving lessons, and other new things. All things that involve doing new things about yourself will boost your self-confidence and your ex will definitely catch your new vibe.

One last key rule on how to win someone back is to avoid rushing. Neither must you enforce as it be a turn-off nor obviously show want you want to have. Because seeing you as a better person will definitely make your ex want to be a part of your life again, just be fabulous and love yourself.

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