Search engine optimization or SEO has helped many entrepreneurs to promote their businesses. SEO has leveled the playing field for various small businesses. From small businesses to huge corporations, there is a specific search engine marketing agency that can help their SEO needs. SEO plays an essential role in the businesses' brand awareness and must be one of the major marketing strategies that a business needs to prioritize.

Back in the old days, small businesses cannot compete with big conglomerates in their industry. Unless small businesses have a huge capital to pay television, newspaper, or radio ads, there is no way they can put the word out about their business. The advent of digital marketing lends a hand to the rise of businesses that are worth millions of dollars today. SEO is one of the marketing strategies that allowed all types of companies to have the ability to reach the public. With the right SEO strategy and approach, businesses can now make their way right beside their biggest competitor’s name.

SEO Basics

SEO is the practice of raising traffic to a website through organic search results. SEO has three basic needs that must be considered namely quantity, quality, and organic search. Quantity refers to the number of target people who are clicking the links from the search engine results. Quality is about attracting leads that are genuinely interested and possibly convert to paying customers. Meanwhile, organic search means that the website has a naturally high ranking compared to paying an ad to be on top. A search engine marketing agency must understand the basics and the inner workings of SEO to be able to help a business in its quest for growth

What is the SEO Process?

There are various processes involved with SEO. However, the most basic premise comes back to some important details. Here are some three steps of a basic SEO process that a website goes through:

Research and Website Audit

Research must be a priority when starting out. An SEO marketer can research about the industry, the niche, the competitors, and the keywords. A simple website audit can be done to check the Website's traffic and backlinks. This can help in establishing the website’s current ranking which can help the marketer understand what needs to be done for the website.

Page Optimization

The website’s page titles must be optimized with keywords with a good search volume. Optimize the website by ensuring that it loads fast. Check the meta tags of the website to see whether it uses target keywords. When optimizing the company name, the ALT tag can be positioned right behind the company’s image or logo.

Meta tags refer to the lines of code that are found in the upper section of the website’s code; Meta tags help search engines understand the relevancy of the website to certain keywords and queries. When typing a query on a search engine, search results come out. The title and the description are found on the search results are the meta details of the website. The search engine pulls the description from the meta tags of the site. Meta tags must contain the appropriate keywords which the website is targeting to have a higher ranking.


A backlink is one of the most prevalent words that can be heard when it comes to SEO. Backlinks are links that are incoming from another website. When one web page links to another website, it is called a backlink. Backlinks help Google and other search engines understand if a website has enough authority for other websites to link back to it.

Here are some of the link terminologies that businesses and marketers should know:

Link Juice

When a website links to any article or page to another website, it passes the ‘link juice’. This link juice helps in increasing the page or article’s rank. It also improves the site’s domain authority. Websites or bloggers can stop passing the link juice with the no-follow tag.

No-Follow Link

If a web page links to another website but the blogger used a no-follow tag, no link juice will be passed. Links with a no-follow tag are not useful as it will not help a page rank higher.

Do-Follow Link

In contrast to the no-follow link, do-follows are the types of links that are needed by websites. Do-follow links are helpful as it passes link juice to another web page.

Linking Root Domains

Linking root domains means that backlinks are coming from one unique domain. Even if the same domain links to a web page more than 20 times, it is still covered by one linked root domain.

Internal Links

Internal links are the type of links that come from one page to another in the same domain or website. The process with internal links is called internal linking.
Low-Quality Links

Low-quality links are coming from spam sites and unreliable websites. These links bring toxicity to the website that can bring down a site’s ranking instead of raising it.

SEO marketing is a powerful strategy that can help businesses increase their revenue. Business owners can personally implement SEO but it is too complicated and time-consuming. This is why it is recommended to work with an experienced and reliable
search engine marketing agency. The agency can handle the work needed to be done and execute tasks that can help in increasing the website’s visibility.

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