As an entrepreneur, one of the hardest decisions is to let go of your business and sell it off. This is even harder of you have put so much effort and made a lot of sacrifices in order to see your business has reached to the level it is. Coming up with the right price needs a lot of asset as well as liabilities evaluation and it is an important phase of a business so as to ensure that you do not either overprice it or underprice it. In order to have a successful business sale, Martin Sumichrast recommends that you should follow the steps below.

I.Get The Right Price For Your Business

After sacrificing so much time, financial resources and effort, the last thing you would want is to sell your business at a loss. Similarly, you should be very careful so as not to overprice it otherwise it might stay for so long in the market. A business valuation analyst can help greatly in coming up with the right pricing of the business. The right value of the business needs a thorough research of the current market rate; value each and every asset in your business. Also, you can get to know the value of your business by comparing it with the businesses that have recently been sold in the same neighborhood that are in the same industry as yours.

II.Prepare All Documents Needed To Ensure That The Business Sale Runs Smoothly

Once you have searched and settled for the right buyer, you need to show him/her the essence of being the owner of your business. Show him confidence that you are proud to be associated with the business. There are so many businesses with an attractive price but the potential buyers may lose confidence with the seller especially if they are not prepared enough. A buyer wants to see and feel confidence of the business owner and you can only have this confidence if you have all knowledge and documents of the business in your head. Due to the attachment that the entrepreneurs have with their business, it is very important to also get prepared psychologically that you are about to lose ownership of the business. Also have the business permit, tax compliant certificates and any other legal document with you. A potential client appreciates an orderly manner of running a business.

III.Signing Of The Sale Agreement

This is the most important step and when signing the sale agreement, all documents pertaining to the business should be attached. This includes the valuation of the business assets. Martin Sumichrast advises that you should clearly state the procedure of payment and provide a form of protection if anything unexpected happens. While signing these agreements, always ensure that you involve a lawyer.

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