A lot of us take painting as a hobby during our growing years. Painting on a canvas or a piece of paper is a lot easier than hanging down and painting your roofs or the walls of your homes. It becomes quite hectic and aches some! 

If you are a penny hoarder, then each penny counts! In such cases, you may plan to do the exterior paint all by yourself. Kudos to such ability! With proper guidance and expertise from the Pros, you can master this mundane task quite skillfully. Plenty of Commercial Painters in Melbourne offer quick advices as to how you can do the task in no time. 

Go through the following steps to master the art of perfect exterior painting:

  1. Lead is a common component of paint. Nowadays, the safety regulations have banned the use of lead in paint. So if you have existing paint, the first step here should be its removal. Use a scraper to scrap it off. But be very careful while doing so; wear protective masks and gloves to protect you. You may also use a hot air gun for this. Avoid working in the dark with the use of an open flame torch as this might lead to outbreak of fire.
  2. Once you are done with step 1, move on to the washing step. This is important as the surface where you are intended to paint, must be free of any kind of dust and impurities. Use phosphate free cleaners along with water to complete the task of washing. 
  3. Now the next step is to smooth out the rough surfaces. If it is an additional layer then scrap it off or if there is some kind of hole then fill it white cement of the water- cement mixture. You may also use a sander to get the task done. The one with HEPA filters are favorable. The minor holes can be filled with patchy putty as it is quite handy and will let you get a finished look on completion.
  4. You should never apply paint without the prior application of a primer. Be it any primer, but make sure it adheres well. This primer acts as suction and helps in better adherence of the paint to the exterior walls or woods.
  5. Next comes the choice of paint. Choose wisely! Make choice of such colors which compliment the interiors. Avoid using light shades. Satin looks elegant on the shingles while gloss paint works best to highlight the high traffic areas. Avoid making a lot of coats, the lesser the better as it helps in great bonding to the surface.

The next time you wish to paint the exterior of your premises, don’t forget to follow the above steps to skillfully finish the task. Make sure to invest well so as to ensure that the paint lasts for at least 10 years or so. If you think you cannot pull off the task aptly then contact Commercial Painting Services in Melbourne, they will do the task in no time!

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The author is a skilled craftsman when it comes to giving advices on the painting services. Having an experience of several years, the author writes excellent articles to help the readers with painting difficulties.