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Loss is a common thing businesses face. Inventory shrinkage is a crucial factor leading to business losses, which have urged owners to hire security services to control external theft, shoplifting, fraud and internal theft. In current times businesses need to consider loss prevention in a different light. Indeed it’s one of the effective ways for businesses to thrive. There are different ways business owners enforce security to ensure loss prevention.

Types of losses businesses face

Loss prevention covers a broader area of security. It involves protecting a business in scenarios like shoplifting, organised crime, skimming of cash from drawers, return fraud, short-shipping, vendor substitution and undercharging.

Company owners must learn the fact that their business can be at a threat of experiencing crimes and only loss prevention security services in Brisbane can prepare a company from such impending threats. They will protect businesses from fraud and thefts. Identifying people who can steal is vital for loss prevention. Whether it is employees or customers, people commit theft under different circumstances and for various reasons. Understanding such reasons is a vital step to strongly control loss prevention. Here we will explain how loss prevention can be achieved by controlling employee theft.

Controlling employee theft or fraud

Develop policies

Ideally, security services companies in Gold Coast must create policies about control of thefts. During this phase, they will inform employees and seek every single measure to deter individuals from committing crimes like theft and fraud.

Set examples

Starting from CEO of a company to low-level employees, everyone will be given the same set of rules to follow.

Using security cameras

Security cameras are the best tools to deter crimes, especially thefts and fraud. Knowing the fact that they are being filmed 24/7 can prevent employees from committing theft.

Encouraging hotline tips

Yet another effective approach sought after by security services providers in Gold Coast is encouraging employees to report internal frauds or thefts. Setting up a hotline service encourages better prevention of crimes as employees can resort to different types of reporting choices.

Installing inventory control

Other than, regular office supplies those which are higher in value are also susceptible to theft. An inventory control system is an intelligent way to ensure the inventories are in place. Starting from locking up cash to saving various other electronics inventory control systems will promise controlled access. Access is given to particular people who are eligible for handling particular items. Industries which involve working with pricey items require loss prevention systems like this. These technologies offer extra precautions.

Establishing a system of checks and balances

Furthermore, loss prevention security companies will deploy a system involving checks and balances which allow employees to remain more responsible as a result of which chances of thefts and fraud can be reduced to a great extent.

Surprise audits

Other than these steps, security companies will exercise control over loss prevention at a commercial place by conducting surprise audits to shed light on anomalies which have gone unnoticed for a while. Also, the audits allow employees to stay honest all through.

These are some primary ways companies can enjoy higher levels of security while experiencing a considerable reduction in thefts.

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The author runs a loss prevention security services company in Brisbane. In recent times the author has been shedding light on various key areas related to lose prevention.