Travel more is that one of those I resolve to do more of and not less off in 2012 ? Congratulations if your decision is to travel more in 2012 . That is the first step you have decided to do more travel in 2012 so now what . Decision number two Where am I going ? A travel decision as well as a lifestyle decion for some as we start the new year.
The first step is make sure you have a passport unles you want to drive and stay for the most part close to home ,you don't want to leave home with out it . If you have a passport check the expiry date . The expirey date on your passport is very important . Did you know that in some countries you need 6 months left on your passport just to get into the country . A few of the Countries are Thialand Brazil China , Ecuador,Indonesia,Denmark and Fiji . So be smart check the countries requirements and pay attention . This is and easy way to create the wrong kind of travel experience.
So now your passport is set an your ready to go . So how do you find out where to go and more is the interent there are sights like Expedia, Tavelocity and more to search on . Are they the best , Having been in the travel industry for over five yearshelping people achieve travel and lifestyle drams I would say no . Let me give you a case in point . Around September on Expedia there was a huge discounts for airfare from New York to Japan . Fares that were almost to good to be true . Turns our they were . In the travel industry their are trip and discount offered to travel agents call Fams . They are famailarization working vactions offered at a discount. Well one of those Fams mistakenly showed up on the web for the world to see . When the airline figured out that it was not qualified travel agents getting the trips . The airline cancelled the tickets offered a refund or credit for future travel and those who bought the ticket had some travel plans cancelled .
Is there a better way to get the discounts . Well yes there is over the years I've found you don't have have to have a travel and tourism diploma for a cloolege to be a travel agent you can get all the advantges of being a travel agent or just booking travel on line with

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Dan Bryant is the owner of Your Travel Authority in Windsor Ontario Canada .
Bonded Travel agent for over 5 years helping people achieve travel and lifestyle dreams
Travle Writer and Photographer member of the International Travel Writers and Photographers Alliance