The Key to your Gut Health is in “Eating a balanced diet” to help keep your system alkalized. This assists in prevention of disease such as some cancers, digestive disorders, bowel, & kidney problems

In this article I give you all the information you need to include the correct balance of foods to eat and when, plus a couple of yummy recipes.

Prevention of disease not only keeps you healthy but saves a lot of time and energy spent on being sick

Many years ago I realized we were very similar to plant life. When I saw a plant in an acid condition it would go yellow, wilt and die. The same happens to humans when their system consists of too much acidity
As I realized this and saw that if I alkalized the soil of the plants they would recover and become healthy. The same applied to the many clients that I have seen over the years who have taken notice and put into action eating 80% alkaline fruits and vegetables and 20% protein and carbohydrates and I have seen their health restored.

There are many roads to Rome, our older generation swore that 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water on arising would aid against Arthritis and other diseases. Apple Cider Vinegar has alkalizing properties, lots of vitamins and minerals and improves the IQ. Other people use a fresh lemon squeezed in water upon arising and experience the same effects.

By drinking 2 litres of water daily helps to flush out the toxins and acidity in the system and helps to alkalize your system.

A squeezed lemon in the morning and a teaspoon of Bicarb in a glass of tepid water before bed is an effective way of alkalizing your digestive track

A healthy diet consisting of 80% fruit and vegetables and 20% protein and carbohydrates is important for an alkaline system, however diet alone will not make you alkaline if you are stressed to the hilt. I have met many health conscious people who have not been at peace within themselves and all the great food did them no good at all. Stress and turmoil in your life will turn the best food that you may eat into a mush of acid, so you will need to learn techniques to help you learn detachment from your daily stress and help you to become calm and at peace.

sunlight. Cod liver oil and fish oils are a wonderful supply of Vitamin D.

It makes me think once more that vital health can be as simply as keeping your system alkaline and toxic free and balancing body, mind and spirit.

Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium are just a few of the minerals that alkalize the system. It is quite evident that calcium deficiency is the universal property of all cancer cells. - This information came from The Role of Calcium in Biological Systems, Volume I, and CRC Press Inc. 1985.

Dr Joseph G. Richardson, M.D, 1909, University of Pennsylvania stated in his research that the use of caustics was proven to have provided a permanent cure for many cancer tumours. Caustics are strongly alkaline substances and are very effective fat dissolvers - they are also the most effective drain cleaners in domestic use today.

Vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption and the lack of Vitamin D may be the most likely cause of prostate cancer in men creating lack of calcium absorption which thus causes an acid condition. Vitamin D deficiency is more common in winter, due to staying in- doors even more than usual. Your best sources of vitamin D are diet and sunlight

Dr. Jonathan Wright's recommendations for vitamin D intake are between 1600 and 2000 IUs daily and as much as 4000 IUs for those over 40. Sunlight on the skin can produce 10,000 units of vitamin D daily. Simple sunlight may be your saving grace to improving your health. Vitamin D prevents the build-up of calcium deposits in arteries. It is well known that calcium needs vitamin D in order to be absorbed.

Consumption of animal products increases breast cancer risk and exposure to sunlight lowers
breast cancer risk. Between them, diet and exposure to sunlight explained 80% of national differences in breast cancer rates.

Excess salt or too much sugar in your diet causes the body to excrete calcium. Many prepared foods contain too much salt or sugar. Stevia is an excellent sugar replacement and can be bought in most health food stores or you can obtain a plant from an herb nursery and use it naturally.

Having 2 glasses of celery, carrot lots of greens, a green apple and beetroot will greatly contribute to your system being alkaline.

Dr Carl J. Reich, M.D. found these diseases are associated with acidosis and chronic calcium deficiency.

Disease cannot exist in an alkaline environment. All forms of arthritis are associated with excess acidity. Acid in the body dissolves both teeth and bones.

The Importance of Acid and Alkaline Balance for your health is because virtually all degenerative diseases including cancer, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney and gall stones, and tooth decay are associated with excess acidity in the body. While the body has a homeostatic mechanism that maintains a constant pH 7.4 in the blood, this mechanism works by depositing and withdrawing acid and alkaline minerals from other locations including the bones, soft tissues, body fluids and saliva. Therefore, the pH of these other tissues can fluctuate greatly. The pH of saliva offers a window through which you can see the overall pH balance in your body.

Whatever health situation you are faced with, you can monitor your progress toward a proper acid/alkaline balance by testing your saliva PH
Saliva pH Test

The pH scale of alkalinity/acidity

A simple test you can do to measure your susceptibility to cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, and many other degenerative diseases.

How to Do the Saliva pH Test
Wait at least 2 hours after eating. Fill your mouth with saliva and then swallow it. Do this again to help ensure that the saliva is clean. Then the third time put some saliva onto pH paper.

Calcium helps to alkaline your body however it is well known that calcium needs vitamin D in order to be absorbed by the body; you can get calcium to alkaline your system from cooked greens collards especially, molasses, sesame seeds, broccoli, and tofu.
Magnesium complements calcium in the same way that potassium complements sodium.
A problem with dairy products is that they contain so little magnesium. This is one reason why dairy products do not build healthy bones. Your best dietary source of magnesium is green leafy vegetables, because plants use magnesium to make chlorophyll. Some plants such as collards, broccoli, romaine lettuce, bok choy and kale contain an abundance of both magnesium and calcium.
Almonds are a particularly good source of calcium, magnesium and vitamin E. Almond milk is sometimes used as a substitute for cow's milk. Almonds, cashews and hazelnuts are the most nutritious nuts. Edgar Cayce frequently recommended these three nuts for many health conditions.
Supplement your diet with freshly made fruit and vegetable juices. As a treatment for cancer, some doctors recommend one 8 oz glass per hour for every waking hour of the day. We could never eat the amount of nutrition we drink with these juices.

7 Good Reasons - Why it is important to have a balanced PH for your body:

The pH paper should turn blue. This indicates that your saliva is slightly alkaline at a healthy pH of 7.4. If it is not blue, compare the colour with the chart that comes with the pH paper. If your saliva is acid below pH of 7.0 wait for two hours and repeat the test.

You can get your pH paper from most chemist shops just tell the assistant that you want to check your pH. Otherwise you can buy pH paper from laboratory suppliers in the phone book or swimming pool equipment suppliers. You want narrow range pH paper capable of measuring pH levels from 4.5 to 8.5. When you are healthy the pH of blood is 7.4, the pH of spinal fluid is 7.4, and the pH of saliva is 7.4. Thus the pH of saliva parallels the extra cellular fluid...pH test of saliva represents the most consistent and most definitive physical sign of the ionic calcium deficiency syndrome.

The pH of the non-deficient and healthy person is in the 7.5 dark blue to 7.1 blue slightly alkaline ranges. The range from 6.5 blue-green which is weakly acidic to 4.5 light yellow which is strongly acidic represents states from mildly deficient to strongly deficient, respectively. Most children are dark blue a pH of 7.5. Over half of adults are green-yellow a pH of 6.5 or lower reflecting the calcium deficiency of aging and lifestyle defects. Cancer patients are usually a bright yellow a pH of 4.5, especially when terminal. These reports are stated in, "The Calcium Factor - The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth" by Robert R. Barefoot and Carl J. Reich, M.D.

Minerals with a negative electrical charge are attracted to the H+ ion. These are called acid minerals. Acid minerals include: chlorine (Cl-), sulphur (S-), phosphorus (P-), and they form hydrochloric acid (HCl), sulphuric acid (H2SO4), and phosphoric acid (H3PO4). Minerals with a positive electrical charge are attracted to the negatively charged OH- ion. These are called alkaline minerals. Nutritionally important alkaline minerals include calcium (Ca+), potassium (K+), magnesium (Mg+), and sodium (Na+). To determine if a food is acid or alkaline, it is burned and the ash is mixed with water. If the solution is acid or alkaline then the food is called acid or alkaline. Ash is the mineral content of the
1.Proper fat metabolism and weight control - when the body is in its natural alkaline state, body weight and insulin production normalize. Alkalizing the body works so well at dropping excess weight that many people lose weight just by eating more alkaline foods and adding alkalizing supplements to the diet.
2.Proper calcium utilization - the body will do ANYTHING to maintain a balanced pH, including leach important minerals like calcium, potassium and sodium from the tissues. To maintain alkalinity, the body first goes for sodium, then potassium, and then calcium. It literally leaches the calcium from your bones, making your bones porous and fragile. This is a major contributor to both osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.
3.Appropriate cholesterol levels balancing your pH help to maintain proper cholesterol levels so that plaque does not form.
4.Prevent cancer developing - cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment, and perish in an alkaline one. Cancer cells simply cannot survive in an alkaline environment!
5.Proper electrolyte activity and efficient heart function - Proper electrolyte activity is crucial to balanced energy levels.
6.Smooth blood flow - alkalizing helps to remove plaque from the arteries, veins, and heart tissue.
7.Healthy oxygen flow - alkalizing the bloodstream flushes toxins from tissues and prevents against premature aging.
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