One of the most stressful experiences that families go through in times when there is no tragedy is moving houses. The moving experience can become worse of you make the mistake of selecting a mover that is not qualified and experienced. Moving companies require lots of time and experience to learn the delicate art of moving people’s items and especially furniture. You want to avoid dealing with movers who are inexperienced, unlicensed or uninsured. When most people are moving house, they never consider the possibility that disaster could take place and you have all your property damaged completely. This is why you should never hire incompetent movers no matter how much money you are likely to save in the process.

If you are going to have peace of mind when moving house, you want to start by establishing the credibility of the company that you are dealing with. Check whether they have a website, a Facebook page, Twitter or Google Plus page and what their past customers are saying about them; take time to read as many reviews and testimonials as you possibly can. Check whether the company offers insurance and a guarantee for no damage. If you are able to verify their physical location, find out the length of time they have been there and ask every question that will address your concerns and insist on getting satisfactory answers.

Find out about all the fees and charges you will be paying the movers; you don’t want get surprised when you are issued an invoice only to discover many fees that you did not expect. You want to find out if you will be charged fuel levies, depot fees or other extra charges for items such as aquariums, pianos or fool tables. When you read moving company reviews, you will be shocked to read about people’s experiences with budget companies that failed to show up on the material day or those that ended up damaging people’s furniture because they didn’t have the correct equipment; worse still are those companies that are here today and gone tomorrow.

Moving companies today are doing a roaring business; what with people moving from one city to another or those who are changing apartments for one reason or another. With just a little research and patience, you should be able to locate the best movers who will give you outstanding relocation services. You have valuable stuff and furniture in your house and it should be handled professionally; you don’t want to settle for the lowest bidder and end up disappointed. Consult widely and try to move during weekdays when it is cheaper to move than during weekends when everyone else is relocating. Shopping for a good moving company goes beyond the issue of cost; get a good blend of price, competitiveness and professionalism.

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This article is penned by Lora Davis for West Coast Moving Company. West Coast Moving are residential movers and are located in San Rafael, CA and is one of the more renowned Petaluma moving company.