Choosing the sight custom home builder that will fit in well with your needs can be a tedious exercise because you will have to live with results that will come out of the entire process. The good news is that there are several proven methods of selection that will ensure that you end up with a builder who work you will live to enjoy all the days you shall live in that home.

Start with your needs: There are custom builders who are able to construct from a broad range of custom homes of different sizes, styles, customization as well as price ranges. There may not be many custom home builders who will deal with everything from starter home to those that cost hundreds of millions for the very affluent. The building process and building materials will vary greatly depending on your style, type and budget, always look for where you will fit.

Experience: Every custom home builder began somewhere just like some of the best custom builders were started by a person or group of people some time ago. While it is a good thing to look for highly experienced builders, there are new companies that usually come up with some great homes. Avoid the mistake of overlooking new firms simply because they haven’t been long in the market; the rule of the thumb is to look for someone who is able to translate your dreams of a custom home into reality.

References: Many home builders will provide customer references as well as referrals. However, if you meet with one who doesn’t provide this important information fist hand, there is no harm asking for the same. Once you have your references, follow them up and find out if they are satisfied with their workmanship and whether they would use them again or recommend the builder to their friends and family. Most importantly, be sure to ask why the reference would recommend or not recommend the custom home builder to someone else.

License and insurance: While there are some states that don’t require that custom home building experts are licensed, it is important that you make sure your builder of choice is licensed by the authorities. You also want to know about their insurance status and whether all their workers and sub-contractors are insured as well. It is important to make sure that you as well as everyone who will be involved in the process are insured.

Deign fit: If you are dealing with a builder whose portfolio doesn’t include any custom homes you may be asking from too much from them. While most builders will be able to do any architectural designs, you are better off dealing with one who has hands on experience in the style of home that you are interested in.

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