There can be many reasons for a false security alarm and if you are based in Perth and have a home security system installed or if you are planning to buy one, you need to know the steps with which you can avoid this.

Let us now take a look at the steps below.

Replacing drained out batteries

This is one of the most common reasons for the triggering of false alarms. Most of the time we forget to change the batteries of the security systems and when those are exhausted, they might operate unusually. So, set a reminder so that you can change the batteries when it is time to keep the home alarm in Perth in a perfect working condition.

Pet activity

Pet activity can easily trigger false alarms. To prevent this, you need to use motion sensors that are made for pets. These sensors ignore human subjects and can be customized. The normal security alarms, on the other hand, detect the movement of pets as an unusual activity which causes it to trigger the alarm.

Security codes

Entering the wrong security code can trigger the alarm. So, be careful when entering the security codes for deactivating the alarm system. You need to give the code to all the homeowners so that they can easily deactivate the alarm if and when required.

Alarms caused by fumes

One of the causes of false alarms is fire or smoke. Other causes can be dust, spray, and sometimes even insects. To avoid this problem it is necessary to buy quality security systems that will only go off if the fire is large or too damaging.

Faulty components

Among the many reasons, a faulty component can be a cause of a false alarm. Sometimes the defect can be present while it was manufactured and at other times it might arise due to poor maintenance. So, you must schedule frequent maintenance services for the security alarm in Perth to keep it in a proper working condition.

Closing doors and windows

Keeping your window open can trigger an alarm. So, it is important to close all the doors and windows when you are leaving your place. Also, it will help to keep your home safe from intruders who can enter your home through the windows. It has been seen that the cause of this type of alarm can also be the wind that causes the curtains before the windows to move and the security system detects this as a type of unusual activity that causes the alarms to go off.

Storms or natural calamities

A thunderstorm or any type of natural calamity can set off an alarm. This cannot be avoided so you do not need to panic if you hear an alarm as this is quite natural. However, modern alarm systems have become advanced where they can differentiate between the sound of the thunderstorm and the sound that can originate from forceful entry.

So, if you follow these points above, you can effectively reduce or manage a false home alarm in Perth.

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The author is the owner of a company that provides home security alarms in Perth capable of identifying security breaches in all situations.