A Blue Screen Error, which is also called Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) occurs when device drivers are poorly written, or when any hardware malfunctions because of running beyond specified limits. At times, it happens due to incompatible DLLs or when the DLL or EXE files get overridden or corrupted due to a virus or malware attack in the OS kernel.

The biggest issue with a BSOD is that it is in most cases, in the event of a BSOD, you need to have the system formatted and the Windows OS reloaded, which is surely the job of a specialist who repairs computers in Gold Coast. That is the reason, as and when BSOD occurs you must take your system to a local technician as they will be able to narrow down the search, pin point the exact cause and straighten things up.

The troubleshooting….

A number of times, you will find yourself in the midst of a BSOD, while upgrading to a new Windows 10 version. This could well be caused due to an incompatible third-party application, like antivirus or security software or any incompatible hardware.

Uninstalling the third party software

As the first step, the experts will uninstall the applications to get rid of incompatible software, like an old redundant program or the remnants thereof, old third party antivirus software and the likes, as these are the root cause of BSOD.

Once every program is uninstalled, the system needs a format, after which the OS is reinstalled afresh.

Disconnecting the non-essential hardware and installing OS

BSOD at times happens when there are hard-related issues as well more so when the installation of Windows is done with the non-essential peripherals plugged in. Ideally, imperative to install Windows with non-essential peripherals unplugged.

Hence, the techies would unplug these peripherals then uninstall the partially installed OS, format the system and then reinstall it. The hardware thus unplugged can always be plugged thereafter.

Re-downloading upgrade and system files

At times, BSOD happens as a result of the presence of setup files. When that happens, you need to redownload those installation files. That is what the technicians of a computer repair company in Brisbane would do.

Again, when it comes to upgrading the Windows to an upper version, it is imperative to use the disk clean up tool, which people at times do not do, inviting trouble. Then again, the technician will use the tool to do a thorough cleaning and then carry out the system upgrade thoroughly.

Carrying out a clean installation

The technicians will carry out a clean installation after formatting the system, instead of carrying out an in-place upgrade with the USB bootable media.

However, as the clean installation will delete every data from the system, it is extremely important and a MUST to keep a backup of all the files and documents before going ahead with the clean installation. The technicians of these companies will always ask to carry out the backup before carrying out the clean installation.

This is why it is always important to take your system to a reputed company that carries out computer repairs. The technicians out there will be able to solve the issue following justifiable steps.

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The author is a technician who carries out computer repairs in Brisbane, Gold Coast. The author is also an avid blogger.