Selling a house and moving to a new property can be much more difficult than buying a new house. Because selling involves a lot of people’s engagement. Selling a house is much more hectic than we ever can imagine. Firstly, you have to consider a price, then on the traditional way find a real estate agent. Cleaning the house, refurbishing it like a new then opens its door to the people who are there to see and judge your house. Let’s assume that Luckily you got your buyer, but your agony does not end here. Here starts a new chapter of sealing the deal, finishing all paper works. It could become really irritating sometimes.

Brooklyn resident Larry and Jamell brings you the touch of ultimate happiness for all the people who are about to sell their house. If you are about to sell a house fast in Brooklyn, don’t forget to reach to homebuyers. We are serious about buying your property. So if you are willing to sell your house without extra charges, cleaning, making repairs and do not want to wait for the real estate agents’ tantrum, feel free to reach us.

How to sell your house with us?

First step

If you are willing to sell a house fast in Brooklyn reach us by our website or call us. We will ask you to fill out a document for your house. We will gather general information about your property. This includes location, squarefoot, beds-baths etc. Then we will review your home details and then we will set an appointment date to meet you.

Second step

Since we are a local company of Brooklyn, We will visit your property to look at it after viewing your property, at your best time. Once we view the property of you we will present you with a fair cash offer without any commission.

Third step

Once our cash deal is fixed, we send our purchase and sale agreement to the attorney to make the contract. When the contract is signed by both of us, it will take a few days to work. Once all procedures are done, we can close on your scheduled date. You select the date and we close the deal. Once all paperwork is done you receive your check hassle free.

We buy your house no matter what condition it is in. you will never have to make any repairs to your house in terms of selling it. After viewing your property we make an order within 24 hours and can close your deals in 5 days. In the traditional process agents charge a few percent of commissions, but here at Home buyers we do not take any commissions. With us you would not face any kind of problems. Because we think that once you are our client, your all problem is ours.

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