The following are the steps that will help you to set up your Apple watch in the most effective manner:


The first thing that is crucial is to charge your Apple watch. Though the device comes with some battery life but you must charge it well before setting up process.


The next thing that you have to do is to pair the watch with your iPhone. Select the language that you understand well. Make sure to install the Apple Watch app on your iPhone from before!


A lot of people having an apple watch in Geelong forget this step but it is a vital step! You must choose your wrist preference. The watch works perfectly well on both the wrists. Next you will have to register the Apple Watch with the Apple via your Apple ID. A lot of notifications will follow once you do this, all will be ditto for your iPhone and watch!


Now another vital step is to setting up a security where you will be asked to set up a numeric code for your watch. Do not skip this step! Also say yes, when the option says ‘do you like to unlock your watch with your iPhone’. So as long as the watch is on your wrist, it is in the unlock stage but once you remove it, it gets locked!


The watch may sync in some data from your iPhone, it may include few apps too! This usually takes a lot of time. So patience is the key.


Now comes the element of the watch where you could just come across watch faces! There are a lot of things that you will come across in the watch face, apps, glance and the notifications. You can take your own time to get used to that!


The Apple Watch has a huge array of settings where you will find a lot of things. You can go through them and adjust them according to your preference. You can handle them on your iPhone as this will take a lot less time and will sync and applied to your watch much faster!


Now comes your health quotient! Apple watches have several apps that help to maintain and track your health. You can wear this watch at the time of work out and then you will be able to actively monitor your heart rate for all the exercises that you do. It also has an activity app track all your movements and the time spent in standing!


Customize the notifications as per your convenience. You may also add up Bluetooth connectivity that is sure to help you in the long run.

STEP 10:

By default, the watch syncs all your contacts. You may also organize the various apps as per your convenience!

In case you face any trouble with the above steps, you can always visit your nearest apple watch store in Ballarat and get your query cleared. Also if your watch starts to give you troubles or freezes frequently, then you may contact the stores for its urgent repairs.

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