The steps to success are challenging and never easy.

However, when you finally arrive at your most prized destination the sense of fulfillment and achievement you feel can be totally exhilarating.

When I first got selected to play for Wales, the feeling was like no other.

It was a dream I had ever since I was a young kid and to actually realize it was just an incredible experience.

Here are 5 crucial steps to success, that if followed will mean you WILL achieve everything you want in life!


The first thing you need is to have a strong burning desire to really want what you long for. You need to want it so badly that you will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

You have probably failed at things before because your passion and desire to achieve it probably wasn’t strong enough. Your desire must be a constant flame burning inside of you, which will ensure you remain focused, motivated and stay on track


Goals are so important as you have to know where to go!

Dreams and desires without goals will mean that you will drift aimlessly in no particular direction.

You must know the direction in which you’re heading. Goals will give you that.

Setting clear goals will kick you into action to move forward toward what you want with focus and energy and determination.

It is also important to write down your goals as this helps instruct the subconscious mind (your true power centre) to attract the right people, situations and resources into your life to help you realize all that you want.

When writing down your goal statements, it’s important to write down what you want with plenty of emotion and in a clear, concise and positive way. Also state it in the present tense as if you’ve already achieved or possess what you desire.


It is so important to believe in yourself. Let’s face it, if you don’t, how can you expect other to believe in you.

We all have the powers and ability to do and achieve amazing things when we just put our mind to things.

As the great author Napoleon Hill said in his famous book Think and Grow Rich, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

So start believing you can achieve anything you want, because when you do you’ll experience some jaw dropping accomplishments.


The universe we live in is ruled by a series of laws. These laws are unbiased, consistent and work 24 hours a day, and every day of our life.

When you possess a positive and optimistic attitude then you trigger into action the workings of the most powerful law to your advantage. This is the commonly known as LAW OF ATTRACTION.

The simplest definition of the Law Of Attraction is ‘like attracts like’ and it is manifested through our thoughts

So when you have a positive thinking mindset you give off a positive energy which attracts similar positive energy into your life. Thinking these positive thoughts enables you to align yourself with your true desires, leaving the universe to conspire with you to create the success you long for.


This step doesn’t need much explanation

Coining the mantra from Nike you have to ‘Just Do It’

Your dreams will remain just that, unless you take action.

To become successful, you must take the necessary steps that will lead you down the road to success

Set your goals, decide what you need to do and just take consistent, persistent and positive action toward what you want to achieve.


As the Japenese proverb states: Fall seven times, stand up eight.

Every journey we partake in life, we arrive at some points where we feel like giving up. We feel like we just can’t go on and so throw in the towel.

But what is often the case, is that many people have given up not realizing that they’re literally in touching distance of making a huge breakthrough to achieving what they want.

The majority of all great successes come about after many struugles and many a failure.

Let’s take Colonel Sanders for example, he approached over a 1000 places trying to sell his chicken recipe, with no luck.

Fortunately however after all these ‘failures’ he did finally find a buyer interested in his unique recipe which led to him launching the world famous Kentucky Fried Chicken. What’s even more remarkable about this story was that he did all this when he was 68 years of age.

There’s no better story than this to illustrate that persistence pays.

So keep going and never quit despite whatever obstacles and adversities you may face along the way.

If you have a dream you so want to realize then with a strong desire, clear goals and the right mindset anything is possible. So start applying these 6 powerful steps to success toward any goals you’re striving for and a new, exciting and successful life is virtually guaranteed.

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Achieving success and realizing your most desired goals is never easy. In fact success in life is often out of the reach of the vast majority of people. So read on and discover the crucial steps to success that you need so that success for you is virtually guaranteed.