Every organization has to do staffing because without it the productive efforts of any organization resources would be difficult or minimal. In fact it’s through the combination of materials, money, machines and men that ensures the growth and survival of any organization. The success and failures of organization depends on them. The employment of suitable manpower is necessary for efficiency use of your organization resources. This is only possible through staffing function of management.

Probably you have come across this term and I am sure that not all human beings are able to define it to give a clear meaning. I will define it as… that function of personnel management which is involved in recruiting, selecting, developing, training and compensating employees of any organization. Of course, it’s correct to say that it mans by keeping the right type of employees at the right job and at the right place.

Due to ever growing technology that has brought about complexity in many organizations, there has been the tendency of the employees in depending on one another. As they depend on one another, many problems associated with their work will always arise. So, it has been such a challenge to many organizations on how to eliminate or keep at minimal such problems of employees working together as a team. This has given birth to the need of personnel managers in many organizations.

The following are steps followed by personnel managers in staffing process of any organization:

The first step is to determine the type of executive needed for the job. The organization chart will tell you the duties and responsibilities associated with each post. So, the chart will make your work easy in drafting the educational qualifications and experience regarding each vacant post to be filled.

The Second step is for you to do the manpower inventory. In this stage you will prepare the catalogue of talents in the organization. You should note the present potential capabilities of employees so as to find their future suitability in the organization. If you do this then you won’t find any difficulty in finding the right type of persons to recruit once the current employee leaves the organization.

In the third stage you should develop subordinate managers who will later on occupy higher managerial posts. This should be done well in advance so as to overcome the turnover of senior managers. If you are unable to find the right employees then you should consider outsourcing. Outsource in advance so as to be able to train them on time in order to avoid being caught off guard.

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