Sterling silver rings add timeless style and elegance to your apparel. Between its brilliance, brilliance, and versatility, it is easy to see why silver is one of the most popular materials for jewelry. At Zilverly, our wide selection of rings offers many classic options to choose from, so you will find just the accessories you need to make a lasting impression.

Despite sterling silver durability and beauty, it is not resistant to stains. That's why it's important to clean your sterling silver rings every once in a while to help preserve its shine and shimmer. Fortunately, cleaning sterling silver rings is simple.

Not sure how? Here's how.

If the stain is not too heavy, simply polishing your sterling silver rings is a good way to spruce it up. Also, it is the best method for cleaning oxidized silver because you can stay away from the deliberately spotted areas.

Since silver is soft and easily scratched, it is recommended that you use a special silver cloth to polish your items. If you don't have one, microfibre or other non-abrasive cloth works as well.

The best polishing method is a back and forth motion that mirrors the silver grain. Try to avoid rubbing in circles as this will only highlight any scratches. If polishing doesn't work, here are a few more ways to clean your sterling silver rings at home.

If polishing does not work, the soap and water method should be your first approach. This classic cleaning method combines hot water and a mild, ammonia- and phosphate-free dish soap to remove stains.

If the previous method does not work, try combining the water with baking soda instead of creating a paste. Gently wipe the rings with an honest size of the paste and a clean cloth. You can also use a soft brushed toothbrush to reach between the cracks and cracks. Then run the sterling silver under warm water and wipe it with a clean cloth.

Did baking soda and water work? If not, try it with vinegar instead. First, soak the silver ring in a ½ cup white vinegar and 2 tablespoons. baking powder for approx. 2-3 hours (be prepared for the fizz produced by the solution). Then rinse and dry.

Did you know that lemon juice is known for its cleaning properties? Therefore, if the previous settings did not work, lemon juice and olive oil could be the winning ticket. Just mix ½ cup lemon juice with 1 tsp. olive oil in a large bowl. Then dip a small microfiber cloth into the solution, turn it out, and then polish the silver. Finish rinsing it in warm water and dry as usual.

Despite our best efforts, jewelry can become stained over time. Fortunately, several preventative care practices reduce your chances of injuring your rings:

Avoid contact with household chemicals, rubber, chlorinated water, or other substances containing sulfur.

Moisture can cause silver to stain over time. Try storing your sterling silver ring in a cool, dry place like an airtight plastic bag or jewelry box.

Remove your sterling silver when exercising, swimming, or cleaning with harsh chemicals.

Apply lotions, perfumes, and hair products before putting on your ring. Whenever possible, keep your jewelry out of the sun.

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