Diabetes now is the latest menace affecting us. It is the fastest growing disease in the world with 346million people already being affected. India is currently tops in the health disease list presenting a large size of diabetes among the other countries in the world and if the rate will continue like this then, by the year 2025, there will be 30 million more Indians with this disease. Diabetes causes heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney disease among many other diseases. A person affect by diabetes because of consuming sugar that causes too much glucose in the blood. Glucose, derived from carbohydrates, which is believed to be one of the important source of energy. It is absorbed into our cells with the help of the hormone insulin and if our body has a problem with insulin, the glucose isn’t absorbed. Due to this high glucose in the blood a person suffers from diabetes. There are two types of diabetes: type 1 and type 2 .In the first type of diabetes, the pancreas in the human body fails to produce insulin and in second type, the body fails to process the insulin by which the pancreas starts to produce in the human body.
Persons with diabetes are advised by doctors not to have sugar because the normal sugar contains a high amount of calorie, which can become a risk of more infection to the patient. But there are people who craves for sweet, for this reason the doctors advise the patients to have a natural sweetener so that they can take care of their sugar level and also advises for diabetes diet. Sugar contributes calories, which in turn leads to obesity, a major cause of diabetes. There are other reasons also for controlling sugar and taking a diabetes diet in diabetes. For persons with diabetes, diet always came with certain restrictions. Also the sugar craving diabetes patient use sugar free substances that are made with chemicals which later harm the person in other way. However, this may won’t happen anymore, with Steviocal sugar free sweetener you can now have your favourite dessert or any other dish your sweet teeth craves for. Steviocal sugar free sweetener is a zero calorie completely a natural sugar substitute that are extracted from the pure leaves of stevia plant. Stevia rebaudiana leaves are very natural with low calorie which acts as an important component for a diabetic patient. As a natural sweetener, it is proven as a healthy sweetener alternative to sugar and is now become the first choice of millions of people across the globe. Steviocal sugar free sweetener tastes sweet and is proven to be sweeter than sugar and is available in packs containing 50 sachets, each sachet weighing 1 gram. Each sachet is equivalent to 2 tea spoons or 10 grams of sugar in sweetness. Along with aiding diabetes diets, Steviocal sugar free sweetener is also ideal for the health conscious grown-ups and for general home needs. Tea prepared from Stevia extract, i.e. stevia leaves or Steviocal sugar free sweetener which has an amicable pleasant tasting with wondering flavour and most importantly it also helps to lose weight in natural style without using any chemical product and diet pills. Steviocal sugar free sweetener is very pure without any toxic or side effects and being a natural sweetener it can be consumed daily and its rich amounts of substances helps to refresh you and makes your life more happy and sweet.
Steviocal which is comes in the top ten list of stevia products which is very famous all over world. Steviocal products are approved as pure product which in a demand for around all the countries in the world. As a completely natural sweetener, Steviocal sugar free sweetener are made from pure Stevia leaves that are made with pure ideal solution without using any chemicals. Years of research has brought this product very true, healthy and promisable. Steviocal takes the stevia leaves directly from the farm to your kitchen to make you healthy and to sweeten up you and your family with its delicious good natural taste with multiple benefits. Steviocal products are supplied to all over the world. People from more than 40 countries vouch for Steviocal sugar free sweetener. No doubt it’s the leader of the world, standing out in the competition.
Stevia is a scientifically proven leaf that hails from the healthy natural leaves. Stevia leaves is believed to be the healthiest natural sugar- free sweet by experts and scientist. Stevia is a sweet leaf that grows under the fresh natural air. It has no negative effect on blood sugar and it is the only natural sweet that helps to remove the carbohydrate calories in the diets of diabetic patients. It is a zero calorie sweet, plant based natural sweetener that is consumed for more than thousands of years.
Steviocal “naturally sweet” is an amicable pleasant tasting sweet, a low calorie sweetener extracted from the pure stevia plant- the natural sweet from the nature.
The natural sweetness of the stevia leaves travels direct from the farm to your kitchen to make your family healthy and wealthy with its low calorie, sugar free herbal sweetener that you can add to your favorite recipe and deserts.
We will make you healthy in a natural way with our Steviocal natural herbal products. Start your day with the sweetness of stevia and end your day by swallowing the sweetness.
Steviocal products are good natural pleasant tasting that will refresh your life. If you want to sweeten up to you tea, coffee, dessert and to your favorite meal- don’t delay, Buy the India’s best Steviocal product .

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Stevia has no effect on blood glucose and can help replace sweet carbohydrate calories in the diets of adults and children with diabetes.It is a zero calorie, plant-based sweetener of natural origin that has been used for hundreds of years.
Stevi0cal “Naturally Sweet” is a great tasting, zero calorie sweetener born from leaves of Stevia Plant; the sweetest gift of nature.