Diabetes now is the latest menace affecting us. It is the fastest growing disease in the world with 346million people already being affected. India is currently the diabetes capital of the world and by the year 2025, there will be 30 million more Indians with this disease. Diabetes causes heart disease, stroke,blindness, kidney disease and many other complications. Diabetes is the condition when there is too much glucose in the blood. Glucose, derived from carbohydrates, is our main source of energy. It is absorbed into our cells with the help of the hormone insulin and if our body has a problem with insulin, the glucose isn’t absorbed. This results in the person having diabetes and diabetes is of two types, type 1 and type 2.In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas fails to produce insulin and in type 2, the body fails to process the insulin the pancreas does produce.

Persons with diabetes should take care to have a natural sweetener and a diabetes diet. Sugar contributes calories, which in turn leads to obesity, a major cause of diabetes. There are other reasons also for controlling sugar and taking a diabetes diet in diabetes. For persons with diabetes, diet always came with certain restrictions. However, not now, with Steviocal sugar free sweetener you can now have your favorite dessert or any other dish your sweet teeth craves for. Steviocal sugar free sweetener is a zero calorie natural sweetener made from Stevia extracts, i.e Stevia rebaudiana leaves and it acts as a major component in diabetes diet.As it is a natural sweetener, it is a healthy alternative to sugar and is now the choice of millions across the globe. Steviocal sugar free sweetener tastes like sugar and is available in packs containing 50 sachets, each sachet weighing 1 gram each. Each sachet is equivalent to 2 tea spoons or 10 grams of sugar in sweetness. Along with aiding diabetes diets, Steviocal sugar free sweetener is also ideal for the health conscious grown-ups and for general home needs. Tea prepared from Stevia extract, i.e these leaves or Steviocal sugar free sweetener is found to give a pleasant aromatic flavor and most importantly acts as a digest ant for losing weight. Steviocal sugar free sweetener is without any toxic or side effects and being a natural sweetener can be consumed in any amounts in a day.

All around the world there is a demand for natural sweetener and Steviocal sugar free sweetener made from Stevia extracts is the ideal solution. Years ofresearch has brought this product and now people in over 40 countries vouch for Steviocal sugar free sweetener. No doubt it’s the leader of the world, standing out in the competition.

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Stevi0cal is the best Sugar free sweetener, Herbal, Natural Sweetener India, which is a zero calorie Substitute to sugar and artificial sweeteners.it is made from stevia extract of stevia leaves and is best diabetes diet.